Nosh Up @ Atria Shopping Gallery

8:00:00 AM

Nosh Up has just recently opened their second outlet in Atria Shopping Gallery. Located on the ground floor, near the main entrance, Nosh Up seems pretty inviting even from a mile away. Featuring western dishes made fresh in house, you can expect Nosh Up to have a certain standard and quality regarding their food. 

The entrance.

The interior space is rather simple - nothing too fancy. Beautifully designed in a rustic and contemporary manner, with shelves hanging from the wall and dropped light bulbs, Nosh Up seems pretty from afar.

Refreshing Mint Tea - RM10

I began with a cup of refreshing mint tea as that literally is what it is. Minty with a hint of....lemongrass or some sort of additional flavour infusion. I quite enjoyed it, not to mention the ingenious cup as well. 

Smoked Duck Miso Pasta - RM22

Followed by their signature smoked duck miso pasta, made with fresh miso and served with generous slices of smoked duck, a poached egg and halved cherry tomatoes. Lovely flavour, well balance although there were plenty of garlic and absolutely loved the idea of the poached egg being used to enrich the flavour and texture. 

Lamb Pie - RM24
I would personally call it a deconstructed lamb pie as the fillings, potatoes and puff pastry had been separated. However, despite the segregation, the flavours and combination was absolutely lovely. The richness and depth of flavour from the lamb ragout complimented the potato rosti and puff pastry extremely well. Furthermore, the puff pastry was made from French butter, which brings out the natural aroma and fragrance. Extremely light, fluffy and crisp. Highly recommended. 

Tiramisu - RM12

Apparently, the owner of Nosh Up was a former home-baker. She eventually decided to open up her own cafe with the freedom to bake what she likes. Hence, the tiramisu was done entirely by her. 

The tiramisu cake had multiple layers to savour. The crispy crushed and glazed nut top, the cream cheese filling, the sponge and of course, the base layer of soaked coffee. Though the essence of coffee wasn't exactly strong nor was there a use of alcohol, Nosh Up's tiramisu still deserves a praise for its flavour and texture. Loved it.  

Overall, what we had were pretty good. In fact, I absolutely love the lamb pie. I would definitely return again for their other dishes as they seem interesting. 


Lot LG-26 Jaya Shopping Centre,
 Jalan Semangat, 
46100 Petaling Jaya, 

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03 7931 8988

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