Merchants Lane @ Jalan Petaling

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What was once a brothel has been transformed into something magnificent and beautiful. Merchant's Lane is located right next to ATC College before the entrance of Petaling Street and is set on the first floor. The name Merchant's Lane also derived from the olden times where the street itself consists mostly of traders and businessmen, where the name Merchant comes in. Along with the back-alley where prostitutes roam for business, the cafe called Merchant's Lane was developed. 

The entrance to Merchant's Lane at Jalan Petaling, on the first floor.

Bare with me, there will be quite a number of interior shots. 

The place is filled with heritage. With traditional furnitures and what not, the design of Merchant's Lane was really comfortable and fresh. With the use of 4 different area, each to its own uniqueness, there are an abundance of seating options available. 

Eat Die Me - RM26

We began with their signature big breakfast called 'Eat Die Me'. Made with sauteed mushrooms, homemade hashbrowns, chicken/lamb sausages, toasts, scrambled eggs and cream corn, it was something that no other has done so far. 

The sauteed mushrooms were beautifully seasoned and sauteed. Hashbrowns were slightly oily, but was fried nicely and was also fun to eat. Sausage was a little on the saltier side. The cream corn was a nice touch, something that not many have thought of and finally, the toast and scrambled eggs. Good seasoning and definitely loved the longitude of it. 

Salmon Fish & Chips - RM29

It's not everyday that we get salmon in fish & chips and no doubt, this will not be the last. Despite being plump and flaky, the batter was a little too thick. It had flavour, yes. But the texture was not entirely desirable. Regardless, I did enjoy it and I do hope they would improve. 

Hongkie Beef Stew - RM18

Made with the same sauce used in quite a number of Chinese ribs cooking style, the Hongkie Beef Stew was slow-cooked for 12 hours and served on mash. Having said that, the beef itself wasn't as tender as I'd assumed it would be. It had decent flavour but certainly the cut of beef could do better. 

Beef Burger - RM19

The first thing I noticed about the burger was the side of fries. Instead of the standard french fries, Merchant's Lane has opt for fried mushroom instead. I appreciate the idea and effort, but like the fish & chips, the batter was too thick. 

The burger itself was pretty good, especially the peanut sauce and pineapple compote. The issues I had was the balance of flavours between the sweet and the savoury, along with the missing beef-notes from the patty. 

Fortunately, this entire dish was still on trial and there are plenty of room for improvements. 

In conclusion, I believe Merchant's Lane is one of the places to visit in town. They pride themselves not only to their amazing decor, but to their coffee and food as well. I also understand that the review I had wasn't as great as most of you would've expected. However, their official launching will be on the 25th of July Saturday. They still have some time left to tweak a little before the time comes. Great place, pretty good food and absolutely love the service there. Will definitely return. 


Merchant's Lane
No.150, Jalan Petaling,
Off Chinatown, KL.
(Beside ATC College, Waze or Google Maps to get there)

Operating hours: -

Tel: 0123896386

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