Castell Gastrobar @ Section 16

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Castell Gastrobar is one of the longest serving steakhouse in Malaysia. It has been operating since 3 decades ago and had just recently underwent a change of management. Most of its recipe and dishes still remains the same, and of course additional new items have been added. Castell Gastrobar isn't located at the most convenient of places, but it is seemingly easy to direct.

The entrance.

A pretty cozy interior. 

Creamy Mushroom Soup - RM13

Started off with a serving of mushroom soup. It had just the right amount of seasoning and flavour, but lacks the texture and creaminess that I desire. Good but not good enough. 

Prawn Cocktail 

Followed by a cup of fresh prawn cocktail. I understood that this was tradition as it was served many years ago but I hardly find the use of thousand island sauce to be anything special. If anything, at least its fresh. 

Bucket of Fries - RM15

Aside from the delicious french fries, Castell's version of the sweet potato fries was pretty damn good too. Cut into thick strips and fried to golden perfection, the sweet potato fries was served with their special spicy belacan mayo sauce and honey mustard sauce. Loved it. 

Greek Style Beef Sausages - RM28

In all honesty, it wasn't the prettiest of sight as it looked like servings of turd. However, the flavours were phenomenal. The sausages had a nice depth of flavour, smoky and filled with spices and herbs. The tomato base sauce was not only rich, but tangy and refreshing as well. Served with a side of garlic bread. 

Dragon Wings - RM20

Although it may not look like it, Castell's chicken wings were actually quite spicy. BBQ to perfection, where the skin was nicely browned and the meat was tender and juicy, it was a luxurious and a feast. Although the chicken was frozen, they still did pretty amazing with it - kudos to that! 

Castell Stilton Special - RM88

8 oz of Australian pasture fed Angus tenderloin wrapped with beef bacon and stuffed with Stilton Cheese, served with baked potato and corn on the side. The Angus was cooked beautifully pink and the Stilton cheese added a rich depth of flavour. However, I dislike the beef bacon as I do prefer my bacon to be pork. But, in any case, the steak was pretty good and I enjoyed the flavour. 

Castell's Grilled Spring Chicken - RM30

A small spring chicken beautifully grilled to perfection where the skin was crisp and packed with flavour, served with butter, fries and vegetables on the side. The meat was slightly tough, but that was to be expected of spring chicken. Good flavour, although longer marination might worked better. Simple and absolutely lovely. 

Big John's Beef Burger - RM26

Last but not least, I had this beautiful serving of big John's Beef Burger. It's pretty standard, with the patty made from Prime Australian mine beef and topped with common ingredients. Fortunately, the taste was pretty good. The burger was well seasoned and everything felt really fresh. 

In short, Castell Gastrobar has been a home for many of our parents generation and tradition has been passed down. Most of what I had was pretty good, with some exceptions here and there. Nevertheless, I really did enjoy the dishes served. 


19, Lorong Universiti C, 
Section 16 Petaling Jaya, 

Operating hours: Daily 12pm-11pm

Tel: 03-79310373

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  1. Good flavour, although longer marination might worked better. Simple and absolutely lovely.
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