Baan Thai @ One City, USJ

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Baan Thai is one of the latest Thai establish to set foot in One City, USJ. Differentiating themselves from the rooftop Thai restaurant by providing a cheaper and more value-for-money meals. To find out whether the difference in pricing will affect the taste, do continue.

The entrance.

Lemongrass, Kong Dok Juice and Lime Juice - RM6.90, RM7.90 and RM6.90

Started off with some drinks. All of which were slightly sweet, but refreshing no doubt. 

Spicy Tom Yam Prawn - RM22.90

The first on the table was the Spicy Tom Yam Prawn, served with in a traditional Thai hot pot with fire to maintain the temperature. Not only was it fragrant, it was spicy and rich in flavour as well. Topped with a generous amount of prawns, the Spicy Tom Yam Prawn truly was a great start. 

Yin Yeong Kailan - RM9.90

Fancy a treat of both worlds? Baan Thai's Yin Yeong Kailan features crispy-fried leaves and stir-fried stalks. Both of which were beautifully seasoned and delicious. 

Pandan Leaves Chicken - RM9.90

I guess Pandan Leaves Chicken is quite common in most Thai restaurants. Tender, succulent and flavour hidden underneath the pandan leaves. Baan Thai's version of the Pandan Leaves Chicken will leave you craving for more.  

Asam Lala

I liked the fact that the lala was served in a fish-shaped plate, it confuses people and I like that. Lalas were pretty decent, though I wish the size would be a little bigger but at least the broth compensated well for it. It was sour, salty and packed full of flavour. Lots of additional herbs and condiments available as a top-up for my rice as well. 

Crispy Thai Omelette Prawn - RM11.90

Although slightly oily, the Crispy Thai Omelette with Prawns was indeed crispy and flooded with prawns. It had a nice salty finish to it as well. Goes really well with rice. 

Red Ruby with Iced Coconut Milk - RM6.90

For desserts, we've had a serving of the famous Red Ruby with Iced Coconut Milk. Though it was a tad bit sweet, the red ruby was pretty good. However, I dislike the fact that they put in that much ice. 

Mango Sticky Rice - RM9.90

For some amazing reasons, Baan Thai's Mango Sticky Rice comes in a much larger portion as compared to many other Thai restaurants. It also comes in two different coloured sticky rice and a whole mango. So happened the mango was in season hence the mango was pretty good. The rice was a little dry, could work with a little more water. But overall, pretty decent considering the portion and price. 

Tago with Coconut Jelly in Pandan Leaf Cup - RM8,90

Similar to the mango sticky rice, the Pandan Leaf Cup was slightly larger than usual. Nevertheless, it packs just the right amount of sugar and content with a nice ratio between them. 

Overall, I believe that Baan Thai does not only offer Thai food at an extremely reasonable price, the taste was pretty spot on as well. With a large menu serving almost anything Thai-imaginable (including crabs which we did not try), there is definitely something for everyone. The lunch menu also starts at RM8.90 so do head down quick! 


B-01-GF Garden Shoppe @ One City,
 Jalan USJ 25/1A,
 47650 Subang Jaya

Operating hours: Daily 12pm-11pm

Tel: 0192173680

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