D Lee Deli Cafe @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

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It truly has been awhile since my last visit to a cafe that serves a variety of waffles. Especially when it's hidden deep within the Tropicana estate. Located at the bottom of the Casa Tropicana condominium, lies a humble cafe that offers quite an extensive menu consisting of waffles, cakes, soft serve ice cream, drinks and most importantly, sandwiches!

Built in a rustic and exposed manner, the cafe was decorated with raw bricks, cement render finish and even recycled crates. There was also a giant table in the middle made from an old barrel. Overall, the interior itself was pretty interesting. 

We began with several bottles of cider, and this was my favourite among them all. Kopparberg Cider can only be found in D Lee Deli Cafe (they're the sole distributor) and it certainly was thirst quenching. Comes in more than 5 flavours, each with its own unique blend of ingredients. Mine was fairly simple, just some strawberries and lime - with 4.5% alcohol. Loved the lightness, fizziness and the kick of it. 

Apple Crumble - RM9

It was really weird as we started off with the desserts. The apple crumble was the first to be served. It comes with a serving of soft-served vanilla ice cream. It was soft and packed with flavour internally along with a crumbly top and crispy base. Loved the simplicity of it. 

Oreo Cheesecake - RM9

Unfortunately, before I had the chance of trying, it was already finished. But I heard it was pretty good. 

Blondie - RM9

This was actually my favourite among all the desserts served. For some reason, even though it was extremely sweet, it seems to fit just right. The chewiness and stickiness of the vanilla blondie goes really well with the soft served ice cream - like a good mix of warm and cold. The additional caramel sauce on top was unnecessary but was okay. 

Soft Shell Sandwich with Wasabi Aioli

Apart from their fanciful desserts, the sandwiches here too deserve a praise. Served with delicious and crusty toasted panini bread, each sandwich was crafted with detail. This was the first we had and possibly the most unique. Deliciously crispy soft shell crab with a tangy-minty wasabi aioli that packs quite a handful of flavour, served on a bed of fresh lettuce and sandwiched with toasted panini bread. Not to mention the additional roasted potatoes on the side.

Chicken Pesto - RM17.90

The chicken pesto sandwich too was pretty good. In fact, the pesto itself was really delicious. Chicken was cooked and seasoned to perfection - both tender, flavourful and works brilliantly with the pesto sauce. 

Creamy Button Mushroom and Ham - RM13.90

To be honest, this was the most simple and ordinary, but was my absolutely favourite among the sandwiches that I've had that night. The creamy button mushroom sauce was not only creamy (duh), but was seasoned beautifully as well. The sauce itself was packed with mushrooms, which was an added bonus as well. This is what I would call 'Basic made good'. 

Waffles too are D Lee Deli's Cafe strong suit. Ranging from a variety of different toppings and sauce, all personalised to fit your taste-buds. From blueberries to strawberries or even banana, from chocolate syrup to caramel sauce - you want it, you name it. The waffle was also pretty light and airy, which was nice since the sauces, toppings and ice cream were pretty dense. 

Big Breakfast (with waffle)

This is something new on their menu. Which includes compulsory items such as eggs, mushrooms, bacon, ham and salad, but with a twist of waffle instead of your standard bread. Though I felt, nothing stood out but everything was cooked nicely. 

In conclusion, I believe that D Lee Deli Cafe has much to offer. From a cozy and warm ambiance to its freshly made dishes. D Lee Deli Cafe excels both in its desserts and sandwiches. Furthermore, with prices like that, it's pretty damn affordable. So, if you're within the area, craving for either some sandwiches or ice creams, or perhaps even the Koppaberg premium cider, do head down to D Lee Deli Cafe located in Casa Tropicana today! 

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Lot B07 & B08 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Operating hours: 10am - late night
Tel: 017-3477017

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