#TakNakSeludup - Stop Illicit Trade Of Tobacco Products Campaign

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Well to be honest, I'm not too in to this whole smoking thing. I personally have never tried smoking nor do I intend to. I also try to stay away from smokers as often as I can, unless they're a close friend of mine - in which I have no choice. I'm pretty neutral about it but I definitely do prefer if my friends were non-smokers. 

Nevertheless, Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia's leading integrated media company today has launched #TakNakSeludup campaign in conjection with the upcoming World no Tobacco Day 2015. The idea is to stop illicit trade of tobacco products. Simply put, its a campaign against smuggled cigarettes.

The campaign started with several presentation from people of Media Prima Group, which also includes Shareen Ooi, the group Chief Marketing Officer. The slides were mainly about the cause and effect of illegally smuggled cigarettes. Some of the effects includes lost in tax revenue, easy access to underage smoking, unwanted disease and many more. 

In terms of tax, the country itself is losing a total of RM2billion each year from illegal smuggling. After all, most of the popular brands such as John and Canyon can be purchased at a price as low as RM3.50 per pack of 20. What's even more surprising is the fact that Malaysia is ranked third among 11 Asian countries for illicit trade of tobacco products. 

With illegally smuggled cigarettes priced at such an incredible rate, even children with pocket money can afford them. I guess that is one of the reasons why the prices of tobacco here in Malaysia is rather high. 

Some of the slides that were presented to us, showing the support of various people against illegal smuggling of cigarettes or #TakNakSeludup.

The health ministry of Malaysia has also tried to reduce the number of smokers by increasing the tax rate, running anti-smoking campaign and increase the number of non-smoking areas. However, this will not work if cheap smuggled tobacco can be found nationwide. Hence, it is our duty as a nation to try and protect what's left of it. 

Posing for the #TakNakSeludup campaign. Everyone is doing their part, what about you? Therefore, let us all do our part in creating a better and healthier environment for generations to come. 

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  1. The slides were fundamentally about the circumstances and end results of unlawfully snuck cigarettes vapor flavor wholesale. A portion of the impacts incorporates lost in duty income, simple access to underage smoking, undesirable illness and some more.