JWEL Premium Ice Cream Review

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Hello again, it has been a few days since my last visit to the JWEL Ice Cream booth in Empire Subang for my complimentary ice cream. Anyway, in this blog post, the star of the show will be the ice cream itself! 

Presenting the 5 noble flavours of JWEL premium ice cream, a new product by F&N Malaysia. 

As I've mentioned in my previous blog post regarding the JWEL road show, this set of premium ice cream comes in 5 different flavours, each with its own unique characteristic and name. The Earl of Caramel, The Duke of Vanilla, The Duches of Double Chocolate, The Baron of the Black Forest and finally, The Countess of Tiramisu were all within the box. 

Opening the box!

Okay, I have to admit, when I opened this box and tried to take a photo, my friends took two of the ice cream away without even allowing me to finish taking the photo first. How cruel. 

Here's whats left. Fortunately for me, I had the flavours they took during the roadshow.

The Baron of the Black Forest was the first ice cream that I'd tried out of the box. 

Look at all those almonds!

And this was how it looked like. In short, the ice cream itself was rich, sweet and luxurious while the chocolate coating was both crackly and topped generously with almond flakes. The ice cream itself too had a tinge of berry-sweetness, which was a nice touch considering it was a Black Forest flavoured ice cream. 

This was my second stick, The Countess of Tiramisu. On first look, it seems pretty straight-forwarded. Just good ol' ice cream in the center coated with chocolate and almond flakes. Flavour wise, it was pretty balanced in terms of sweetness and the existence of tiramisu. Comparatively, I'd actually prefer the Black Forest more due to its unique blend of flavour. Nevertheless, the tiramisu itself was pretty good too. 

And of course, Pig enjoying her share of the JWEL ice cream. 

Now you may wonder, where do I purchase these amazing selection of ice creams and even if I did, how much would it cost? For a limited time only, the JWEL ice cream can be purchased at RM3 per stick at any of their ongoing malls/office roadshows and RM2 per stick at any campus roadshows. List will be provided below. Though its retail price is at RM3.50 per stick, available supermarkets nationwide! 

For those of you who really love ice cream and can eat more than 2 sticks at once (which I shamefully admit I am able to), the JWEL multipack can be purchased at  AEON, Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer for only RM14.70/pack!

Remaining roadshows:
1. CyberMed - 26 May 2015
2. UCSI - 27 May 2015
3. Monash - 28 May 2015
4. KDU Damansara- 1 June 2015
5. KDU Glenmarie - 2 June 2015

For more information regarding JWEL ice cream, do drop a like on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JWELMY . Also, for more promotions and updates about JWEL Malaysia, you can also follow them on their Instagram http://www.instagram.com/JWELMY and

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