The Pork Place @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

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I guess pork is becoming a popular choice among Malaysians recently. There have been quite an amount of pork-serving restaurants blooming from time to time in Klang Valley. However, the Pork Place isn't new, in fact, it has been here in Puchong for almost 5 years now. They offer quite a variety of pork dishes alongside an in-house butcher that sells fresh pork meat. 

All their pork comes from their own farm, in which they rare their pigs without the use of growth hormones. Hence, the price might be slightly higher than usual. But no worries, that will ensure the freshness of each bite! The name of the in-house butcher is Sanbanto, which can be found is SS2 as well.

The entrance signage.

Pork Belly Salad - RM18.90

We started off with a bowl of crispy pork belly salad. Served with lychees at 4 corners of the bowl, the lettuce was drenched in dressing finished with strips of crispy pork belly. Amazingly, most of the pork belly remained crispy unless its the one at the bottom, where it had direct contact with the dressing. Overall, it has a nice balance of flavour and a contradictory of thoughts. (am I dieting or no?)

Pork Rib Spaghetti

Beautifully cooked pork ribs that were tender and flavourful, served alongside al-dante spaghetti and mushroom with dark sauce. I don't know what sauce is that but it somehow reminded of Hokkien Mee. Not that its a bad thing, it pretty unique considering that they'd used fried pork fat in this dish. 

Pork Loin Steak

This was actually my favourite dish of the night. It consists of 3 beautifully cooked pork loin that was not only tender and juicy, but well seasoned as well. It was actually really addictive, especially when I was chewing on the fat. Not that it was hard to chew since it somehow melted straight away. Loved the flavours and the bacon mashed potatoes served on the side. The additional sauce was good too, though I find the pork loin flavourful enough. 

Pork Ribs

Last but not least, their signature pork ribs! Drench in delicious sweet bbq sauce, the ribs were extremely flavourful. However, I did wish that the ribs were slightly fatter as I enjoy the fats melting in my mouth. served with mashed potatoes underneath and pickled salad on the side. Good ribs! 

In conclusion, I really did enjoyed myself with all the porky dishes served at the Pork Place. Though the name is quite literal, it isn't a bad thing. Loved the flavour, freshness and tenderness of the meat. The only thing that I would wish for  was more fat for each dish. But then again, the fat part is subjective as not everyone appreciates the goodness of it. 

*Tips: For those who have a company of 8-10 pax, do opt for their mezzanine floor above which is not only cozy, but private as well. 


IOI Boulevard,
31, Jalan Kenari 5, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operation hours: 10am-10pm daily

Tel: 03-7729 4600

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