Franco @ 1 Utama

8:00:00 AM

Here is just a short review from my minor experience at Franco, or once known as Miam Miam. Everyone said that their French toast was good and really different. And since I was pretty hungry that time, I thought why not pop in and have a taste?

Squid Ink Pasta

I guess this really was one of the few good squid ink pasta that I've tried. Not that it was really good, but the fact that the flavours of the ink was nicely infused with the angel hair, which by the way, was cooked perfectly. I enjoyed the black lipstick aftermath of the squid ink pasta alongside their beautifully cooked squid rings as well. 

The additional cherry tomatoes on top was fun as it gave colours to the already boring-looking dish. Overall, not bad.  

Signature French Toast

At first, it looked really tempting. Indeed, it was different. This is by far the weirdest French Toast I've seen and I had quite an expectation for it. However, those expectation dropped tremendously when I found out what I thought was ice cream, was just whipped cream. 

Not to say that the whipped cream was bad, in fact, it was pretty delicious and firm, but I was expecting ice cream. Which could've made it into a dessert dish. Having said that, the French Toast was interesting and good, but I wouldn't go back there again just for it. 


FRANCO @ 1 Utama.
 Lot 146, G Floor (Old wing), 
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
48200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Operation hours: 10am-10pm daily

Tel: 03-7731 8923

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