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Korean cuisine has became a norm in Malaysia ever since the inception of K-pop. And the most commonly found, Korean BBQ, started sprouting everywhere. In fact, one of the first few Korean restaurant that was opened in Malaysia is a BBQ place. They offer a wide range of meat selections and some of Korean's delicacies. However, the tables might have turned. Not only does Bulgolgi Brothers offer those stated above, but a new range of stews as well. No, it's not the regular kimchi jiigae or anything similar, its something new! 

The entrance. 

The one thing that I really enjoyed about Korean food is their free-flow side dishes. I could simply just eat that all day! 

Beef and Mushroom Hot Pot - RM39.90

The beef and mushroom hot pot was the first to be served. It consists of succulent, tender selection of beef , mushrooms and assorted vegetables such as bak choi, cucumber, carrots, pumpkin and leeks. Not only was the base light and sweet, the additional boiling of the ingredients helped elevated the depth and flavour of the soup. 

One pot of that comes with a serving of rice (or noodles) with runny yolk on top. It is to be mixed with the hot pot once it the hot pot is finished and all that's left is soup. 

And voila! Your very own rice soup thing. 

Spicy Ham and Sausage Hot Pot - RM39.90

Similar with the previous hot pot but with a totally new set of ingredients. This perhaps, was more suited for those who wished for a slightly fuller meal. The baked beans, ham, chicken sausages and rice cake really does make me full. It's hearty and packed full of flavour. 

Here is the noodles that was meant to put in after you're done with that.

Beef and Kimchi Hot Pot - RM39.90

This was actually my favourite among all of them. Simply because the beef was slightly fatter and the soup was much spicier and flavourful. I really enjoyed the additional ingredients inside which consists of dumplings, tofu, kimchi, spring onions, cucumbers and carrots. A good burst of flavour, unique textures from the added ingredients and juicy slices of beef!

Spicy Seafood Hot Pot - RM52.90

Last but not least, a whole pot filled with fresh and delicious seafood. From crab to prawns, and octopus to mussels, there are an abundance of seafood-mania going on there. Loved the spiciness of the soup as well as it compliments the seafood wonderfully. Goes really well with rice too! 

In conclusion, I think the introduction of these hot pot series were pretty smart. It's like a Korean steamboat kinda thing, which I dearly enjoy. However, the only thing that might hold me back would be the price itself. Apart from that, the flavours, texture, service and selection are all good. 


Lot 242, 2nd Floor, The Curve
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operation hours: 10am-10pm daily

Tel: 03-7727 2257

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