Occubites @ Quill City Mall

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This is the first time I've visited Quill City Mall and it was massive. To be honest, I didn't even know about its existence till Occubites. I've known about the company for years now but hardly ever notice their projects anywhere. Regardless, it was pretty big with almost a total of 7 storeys high, and a horrible entrance to its parking. For those who opt to come here, I suggest using the monorail instead. 

Anyway, Occubites is a pastry cafe that offers more than just cupcakes and kuihs. In fact, their lunch menu costs only RM9.90! How does it taste? Continue below....

The shopfront

Inside, is a humble cafe with not more than 10 tables. Its brightly decorated with white and pink, consisting of the brand's colour. 

Marshmallows and Jelly Beans!

Premium Macaron - RM4 each


Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang/Chicken Rendang

To be honest, I never though a pastry cafe would actually serve these. I was also skeptical at first, but regretted immediately after my first bite. The beef and chicken was not only tender, but extremely flavourful as well. 

The rendang sauce itself was spicy, sweet and slightl salty, which coated both the beef and chicken really nicely. The flavours also did permeate into the meat which made it really enjoyable to eat. The additional onion sambal on the side was a tad bit spicier than the rendang, but was equally good as well. Last but not least, the rice was fragrant, flavourful and light.

Aglio Olio with Smoked Duck 

I love smoke duck but really hate aglio olio. And I believe I've mentioned quite a number of times on this blog. Regardless, I really enjoyed this plate of aglio olio simply because it wasn't dry and dense. In fact, it was silky and packed full with flavour. The use of capsicum, garlic, black pepper, cherry tomatoes and smoked duck really did elevate not only the flavour, but the texture of the spaghetti as well. 

Carbonara with Soft Shell Crab

 Now this was great. The carbonara was creamy and rich, with a nice balance of acidity from the cherry tomatoes and fragrance from the mushrooms. The soft shell crab did feel out of place, but was delicious nevertheless. 

Fish and Chips

I think this was by far the worst. The fish was not only hard and stale, it was crusted unnecessarily. 

Samurai Chicken Burger

Tender chicken thighs marinated in sweet sauce served alongside lettuce, cheese, cucumber, mayonnaise and finished with a sesame seed charcoal bun. Chicken was tender and juicy, not tough at all which was a delight. The buns were really soft and airy, which goes really well with the whole combination as well. It isn't exactly a fantastic dish, but nevertheless, it was good plate of burger.

Grilled Chicken Chop

There are several variants to the grilled chicken chop in terms of its sauces. Well, mostly just black pepper and mushroom. But personally, I find the additional sauces unnecessary because the chicken itself was marinated perfectly. It was grilled to juicy perfection and the marination itself has provided sufficient flavour. (Note: the additional sauce is different from the marination). The only thing I wished for was to increase the portion! Two pieces were simply insufficient!

Mushroom and Pumpkin Soup

I personally think that the mushroom soup lacks recognition. It wasn't the best mushroom soup I've had but it surely would be in the top 10. Not only was it rich and flavourful, but small bits of mushroom gave it that added texture which I dearly enjoy. The pumpkin soup however, was really pumpkin-y and I for one, do not enjoy pumpkin. Hence. But for those who do, I think it might fit your palette. 

Ice Cappuccino Frappe

Simple ice blended cappuccino with whipped cream served on top. Nothing too extraordinary but it was enjoyable nevertheless. 

Assorted pastries

Last but not least, what would a pastry cafe be without their tiers of pastries and kuihs. They also have jelly by the way. Anyway, I couldn't have possibly eaten all of those but the presentation was really pretty. Vibrant, colourful and packed full of joy. The 3 tiers of sugary goodness are one of Occubites' best seller. 

To sum things up, the food was really good. I was really surprised. Honest. It's a great place to have lunch or even have a tea break as not only the prices were reasonable, flavour-wise they've nailed it as well. Nothing much left to say except for good luck for GST! =D


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