A LI YAA (ALIYAA) Sri Lankan Restaurant (Grand Opening) @ Ipoh

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I have been to the Aliyaa in Bukit Damansara and I have to admit, it was phenomenal. Especially the crab curry, which was really good. You can read the first review here http://www.findingfats.com/2014/11/a-li-yaa-aliyaa-island-restaurant-bukit.html. Fortunately, I was invited to the grand opening of Aliyaa's first outlet out of KL, which is located in Ipoh. Unfortunately however, I was unable to obtain the address as I was new there. 

Aliyaa entrance, with a giant boulder in front of it. 

Similar to the branch in Bukit Damansara, its dark, cold and exceptionally cozy. 

This is me trying to be artsy at Aliyaa's bar, taking a photo of their lamps. Here, they serve a wide variety of mix alcohols and you're free to choose from their menu. 

The famous Aliyaa Appom utensils that were outside the restaurant. 

Appetizer Platter

We hit things off with a sample platter of Fish Cutlet, Lamb Roll and Shrimp Cocktail. Small in size but big in flavour is a sentence best fitted for this situation! The fish cutlet and lamb roll can be found in the Bukit Damansara branch, known as Rock & Roll on the menu. 


Truthfully, I do not know any of the names of the dish. In fact, it was so delicious that I actually forgot to ask for the name of the dish. All I knew was it went extremely well with a bowl of Poneh rice.

Potatoes with Mutton Paal Poriyal 

Possibly one of the best mutton dishes I have. Great depth of flavour and goes incredibly well with any form of rice. Loved the tenderness and flavour of the mutton. 


Truly sorry for the name. Yes its chicken, no I can't remember what it was inside. All I could remember was the taste of it. Sweet, savoury, mild and a hunt of spice. Not so tender, slightly hard but goes really well with rice. Not a big fan of chicken, but I don't mind it. 

Brinjal Moju

This was one of my favourite dish among all that I've tried. Extremely flavourful stir-fried brinjal (eggplant), spicy, savoury, sweet, you want it, you name it. A rice's best friend indeed.

Fish Sothi

Light, milky and a nice balance of flavour to start off with. Not too spicy nor pungent and provides a smooth finish. 

Fish Curry with Pineapple

Slightly spicier as compared to the Fish Sothi but wouldn't make you cry. Still a pretty mild curry, especially with the inception of the pineapple. Makes it a tad sweeter than normal with a unique scent. 

My plate of food, everything on top with some Poneh rice. Love the burst and depth of flavour induced within the dishes. 

Black Pepper Crab

Last but not least, Aliyaa's speciality, Sri Lankan crab. 1kg of fresh crab cooked with sauce of your choice (in this case, it was a black pepper base). Delicious with sauce that is full to the brim. Use your hands and dig in, a absolute must try!

Much like the A Li Yaa in Bukit Damansara, the depth of flavours were exceptional. Though pretty much everything in the menu is similar between these two branches, there are some additional dish available at the Ipoh branch. So if you're within the area, hopefully when I get the address I'll re-update this page, do drop by and have a crab feast! 



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