A LI YAA (ALIYAA) Island Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara

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It has been awhile since MIGF 2014 and I was one of lucky ones to be able to try out A LI YAA Island Restaurant as they were a part of the MIGF 2014 showcase. A LI YAA is situated at Bukit Damansara, along and in front of those expensive bungalows and semi-d's. A LI YAA has also been operating for about 6 years now, but only recently moved to Bukit Damansara. 

The restaurant serves authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, which will be the first time I'm trying Sri Lankan food. Not that I have not in the past, but it was more of a inspired dish or sample sizes. Nothing main course-y of any sort. Thus, I was really excited to see what A LI YAA (Aliyaa) Island Restaurant was all about!

The entrance.

A very simple interior. Just tables, chairs, paintings and a bar. Nothing too over-expressed. 


Rock & Roll

This is out appetizer, a combination of Fish Cutlet and Lamb Roti Roll. Served with simple dressing and plating style. Both had a bold and great depth of flavour including its distinctive fish and lamb scent. Loved it, unfortunately that was all there is.

String Hopper Kothu

This was our second appetizer, a serving of String Hopper with a variety of  mixed spices and dressing. Great play of texture, flavour and presentation. Not to mention the several unique tasting dressing to accompany the string hopper.


Sri Lankan Crab Curry

This was by far the best form of curry I've ever had. Far better than any lamb, fish or even chicken curry. It was spicy, rich, aromatic and a rich depth of flavour. All topped with a kilo of crab! Beautifully executed. To be honest, I even take away the leftover curry as to not waste it. 

Doosra Roti

Pan grilled flat bread with grated coconut, onion and mild chili. It was slightly sweet but goes amazingly well with the crab curry. Or even any other curries that was included in the main course. 

Brinjal Moju

Sweet, spicy, soft and simply delicious. Strips of brinjal (eggplant) stir fried with various spices which goes really well with the poneh rice included. 

Mutton Paal Poriyal

Simply put, one of the few best mutton dishes I've had. The mutton itself was rich in flavour, tender and juicy. The additional spices and sauce that compliments the mutton, goes amazingly well with the poneh rice as well. 

Prawn Sothi

A bowl full of fresh prawns in white curry (or yellow curry as it appears on the photo). Creamy, rich and slightly sweet. If it wasn't because of the crab curry I had first, I might have a better impression of the Prawn Sothi. Not that it was bad or anything, but the crab curry was really that good.

Fish Curry

Among all the curries available, this was the last. It was much spicier than the Prawn Sothi but still no where near the crab curry. The consistency was much thicker than usual fish curry I had anywhere else. Thus, making it an excellent gravy for rice as well. 2 large chunks of fish was also found swimming in the fish curry. 

For those who worry how the hell do you eat the crab, no worries! A LI YAA provides a neck napkin and a crab-clamp. Break those shells away and enjoy the fleshy crab 1KG crab!


Sweet Appam

The dessert itself was sweet appam and was available during the MIGF 2014 showcase for 3 days. It was sort of a bowl shaped pancake with gula malacca and rice flour (fermented, similar to what you get in tosai). The outcome was simple and delicious. Last but not least, I had to order a bottle of Corona Extra for myself to help neutralize all the amazing flavours of previous dishes. 

Conclusion? It was great. The food was mouth-watering, flavourful and delicious. The service was excellent as well. Staffs were really attentive. My first Sri Lankan restaurant will definitely be remembered. 


MIGF -  Sharing Menu 

RM88++ per person without wine
RM148++ per person with wine

(For a minimum of four people)

Not to worry, if you wish to try the MIGF Sharing Menu for 2, its not an issue. Only the portion will be slightly smaller. But you'll still get all the great dishes above!


8G&M, Jalan Medan Setia 2, 
Bukit Damansara, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan, 
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60 3-2092 5378

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