Jamaica Blue Cafe @ Midvalley Megamall, KL

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Cafes and various coffee shops have been sprouting all over Klang Valley. Competition must be tough. Regardless, Jamaica Blue is one of the newest additions to Midvalley, besides several others such as Antipodean, Plan B, TWG etc. Using Jamaican coffee beans and retrieving its concept and franchise from Australia, Jamaica Blue offers smooth, mild coffee and a hearty breakfast menu.

No, this is not the shop front but rather, a beautiful cup of Tiramisu.

This on the other hand, is the shop front. Located right in front of the escalator and beside Carlo Rino, lies a humble cafe with its central island kitchen dispersed seating area. 

The kitchen is really small. Quite frankly, if you were to ask me to work there, I would die from suffocation.

Double Espresso - RM7 / RM12.90

Before anything else, I should explain a little on the pricing and concept of Jamaica Blue. Jamaica Blue offers 2 types of beans - a blend of 7 Jamaican beans, otherwise known as the Signature Blend and Wallenford beans. The price for the Signature Blend is comparatively 50% lower than the Wallenford. It was also said that the Wallenford beans are considered a more premium ranged beans.

The difference? Taste, of course. The Signature blend oozes a smooth and delicate taste with a mild kick, even a double shot espresso. The Wallenford on the other hand, has a stronger and slightly more bitter taste to it while maintaining a smooth finish. Personally, I find both the Signature and the Wallenford mild, despite having Wallenford being the stronger one. One thing I do enjoy was the smoothness of it. 

Tuna & Lemon Cakes - RM15.90

Served in a shape of a ball, although with two of them. The Tuna & Lemon cake was quite enjoyable - if taken with the horseradish creme. Without it, it was pretty dry. 

Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast - RM20.90

Like every other cafe, the big breakfast is a must. It usually is the pride and honor of a good cafe. Jamaica Blue's Big Breakfast is no different either. Well prepare poached eggs on toast top with hollandaise sauce, served with grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, sausages and ham. All of which was quite balance in terms of flavour.

Mini Breakfast Frittata - RM11.90

Despite not being served with a proper tomato chutney - they got us chili sauce instead, the frittata itself was quite good. Good flavour, nice textures, could have been better with a acidic tomato chutney though. The salad on the sides was quite good too.

Blueberry & Vanilla Pancakes with Banana - RM12.90

Yes, it looks disgusting. Yes, it looks moldy. Yes, it doesn't look as appetizing as some other cafe's pancakes. No, it did not taste bad. In fact, it was pretty good. Despite my hatred towards bananas, I personally found this acceptable. Blueberries were obvious (look at those color), they even have some left in its original form. Pancakes were moist and soft but somewhat dense as well. Overall, I did enjoy it. 

Assorted Cakes - From RM10 
Assorted Muffins - From RM4.90

Jamaica Blue also serves a wide range of cakes and desserts, which they will implement a quarter-year cycle. This would ensure customers have something new every 4 months without jeopardizing the duration of which it will be on shelf. 

Some of which we've tried were the Carrot Cake, Coffee Caramel Cake, Tiramisu and Lemon Muffin. All of which were pretty decent, and served with whipped cream for some reason. 

Overall, I believe everything was good. Minor hiccups here and there but it isn't a big issue. After all, they are new in town. Give them some time and I'm sure they would improve. I would recommend the Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast, Frittata, Blueberry Pancakes and their assorted desserts. Also, not forgetting their coffees, which I find a little mild as I prefer strong, black coffee. But than again, majority of people wouldn't choose to go for black and bitter coffee.


Level One, (Next to Carlo Rino, in front of the elevator)
Mid Valley Mall, 
Kuala Lumpur.

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