Pretz & Beans @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

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Previously known as Chilla Cup, it has now finally be rebranded into Pretz & Beans. Famous for its whipped cream toast, I am back here again, to try out their food.

On the side note, I couldn't tell justify the meaning behind the logo and the name. I initially thought it was red beans or some sort. Turns out I was reminded that its coffee beans. So yeah...

The main entrance. 

Interiorly, it looks really warm and comfortable. Cushion seats with laid back couch, good enough for me. Amazingly, this past few weeks, all my photos has somewhat turned sideways, even when I'm trying to take a straight photo. Much like the example above. 

Green Mint Mocha - RM13.90

Started off with one of my favourite selections of frap, a Green Mint Mocha. Despite looking obviously brownish, the mint was pretty strong. But not so strong as to overpower the mocha. 

Super Charge (Watermelon + Lemon + Orange) - RM12.50
Keep Fit (Apple + Carrot + Celery + Cucumber) - RM13.50
Mean Green ( Apple + Celery + Cucumber + Ginger Root + Lemon) - RM13.50

Besides their selections of coffee and fraps, there are also fresh mix of juices available. A little heads up, the Mean Green really does perform mean things towards your bowel. Cleans and detox almost immediately. 

Basil Cheese Pretzels - RM6.90

Chilla Cup was quite popular because of its pretzels as well. This warm, cheesy and crispy pretzels with a soft and fluffy crumb does compliment well with coffee. 

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels - RM5.90

Similar to the previous pretzel but in a different manner. Cinnamon sugar wasn't overly sweet as compared to Auntie Anne's version. Pretzel itself was warm, soft, crispy and firm. 

Apple Cinnamon Filled Pretzels - RM10.90

Looking for a healthier alternative for McDonald's Appie Pie? Here it is! Tasting 10x better and much fresher as compared to the Appie Pie. Not to mention easy to eat as well. 

Spicy Seafood Pasta - RM24.90

Despite my dislike towards dry pasta, this was pretty good. In fact, it was quite a bomb. I enjoyed the spiciness of the pasta, which reminded me dearly of sambal, and simple use of vegetables. Its not entirely Italian, but I accept. 

Prawn Aglio Olio - RM24.90

This on the other hand, wasn't as great as compared to the spicy seafood pasta. Even though it was pretty moist, I did not particularly enjoy the taste.

Dory Fish with Sour Cream Pasta - RM19.90

The sauce was great - well balanced. The only issue was the fish. Slightly tough and under-seasoned.

Chicken Hawaiian - RM14.90 / RM20.90

No, this isn't your ordinary pizza. Its Pretza - a combination of pretzels and pizzas. Not entirely true but they do use the same dough as the pretzels. Thus giving it that distinct texture for the pizza. In short, loved the idea and taste.

Country Ham Eggs Benedict & Royale Salmon Eggs Benedict - RM18.90 & RM22.90

Despite being served a almost-full-boiled-egg Royale Salmon Eggs Benedict, the owner was kind enough to offer a replacement of Country Ham Eggs Benedict. Only then the eggs were awesomely cooked, and poked. 
Muffins were toasty and warm, ham/salmon was alright, hollandaise sauce pretty liquid as I prefer a thicker consistency and serving of salad with vinaigrette was good. 

Caramel Butter Thick Toast - RM13.90

There it is, one of the famous selections on the menu. Crispy toasted thick toast served with whipped cream, caramel and dusted with cinnamon powder. It was indeed awesome.

Overall, almost everything served here was above average. From the pretzels to the pasta and then the desserts. Price wise, I believe its a little on the high side as I'm still a student. I personally would recommend the pretzels, pretzels pizza, spicy seafood pasta, benedicts and thick toasts!


Pretz N' Beanz Cafe,
Solaris Mont Kiara
No. 22, Jalan Solaris 4, 
Mont Kiara 50480 
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 6204 9733

Operating Hours: Monday - Thursday & Sunday: 7.30am - Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 7.30am - 1am

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