Rocku Yakiniku @ Pavilion Shopping Mall, KL

8:00:00 AM

Restaurantainment is probably the next big thing in Malaysia. Integrating both entertainment and restaurant dining experience in one. Trying to balance it out surely wasn't as simple as I thought. Period of when performances should be play, what kind of performance, the food served, how would the waiter approaches a table are just some of the fundamental issues I believe there are. Anyhow, at Rocku Yakiniku, you can expect friendly staffs serving quickly whilst live band or solo performance is playing on stage. 


The face of evil - or at least looked evil to me. I love cats. 

Newly opened, Rocku Yakiniku spreads over 3500 sq ft at the new dining loft on level 7 of Pavilion KL. It delivers a fresh new concept and experience on the traditional Yakiniku in Malaysia. Kenny Chui, the director of Rocku Yakiniku said "At Rocku Yakiniku, we focus on creating a casual, refined yet edgy atmosphere, where our guests can savour the classic Japanese Yakiniku culinary style while enthralled with modern entertainment." 

The variety of ready-buffet spread. 

Some sausages, fish, chicken, dumplings, seaweed, Japanese octopus, Jellyfish and cuttlefish. 

These were our first batch of order, consisting of all the available meats - lamb, chicken, pork and beef. Alongside fresh seafood such as squid, clamps, mussels, prawns and my favourite - buttered fish. All grilling away!

Since there was a number of items, I would just summarize as briefly as possible. 

All the meats, beef, chicken, lamb and pork were cut with great consistency and tidiness. But most importantly, they were fresh full of flavour - especially those with some fats. 

Seafood too, was really delicious. Freshly picked and brought to our table ready for BBQ. All those goodness, to be dipped in their selection of sauces available at the buffet counter, so take however much you wish! 

To put it in a sentence, everything was fresh and delicious. 

And what better way to pair a bbq feast with? Kirin beer! 

Throughout the night, there were magic performances and live music to cheer up the environment. 'Quite the happening' if you ask me. 

BBQ of the fatty pork bacon. 

Seafood BBQ. 

Another factor which I liked about Rocku Yakiniku was the fact that they took their cleanliness very seriously. As soon as your BBQ rack was turning black, they would happily change it for you. Perhaps you might have to call them beforehand, but simply let them know and they'll get you a new one. Hence, an additional plus point there. Overall, they have great food, friendly service and a night of entertainment! So if you're bored of the convention BBQ or buffet spread, head over to Rocku Yakiniku for lunch or dinner today!

Buffet pricing

(Child 50% off)

(Child 50% off)



Lot 07.01.03 Level 7,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation hours: 11am-10pm

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