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Over the years I've had Japanese food, it has always been the same. Sashimi, Bento, Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, Sushi or even Yakiniku. Its about time someone came up with something new, something enjoyable and something distinctive. Not totally out of context, but more of an improvement of the previous ideas. 

Okonomi is one of them that delivers exactly that. Offering customizable sushi rolls with the ingredients of your choice. Believe me, they've quite a handful. Over 80 ingredients to choose from! Okonomi is also Malaysia's first ever, custom sushi restaurant!

Okonomi's front facade

Interior, pretty warm, cozy and contemporary. Nothing too fancy as everything was just nice. Great place to dine with your family as well. 

Green Tea Latte & Azuki Latte

We started off with some of their beverages - green tea and red bean latte. What I enjoyed most about the green tea (it was the one I drank the most) was its bitter after-taste. Pretty rare to find that kinda depth these days with all those sugar-mixed green tea drinks. 

Crab Korokke - RM9.90

Crispy on the outside and slightly mushy and dense on the inside, but flavour-wise, was spot on. Enjoyed the lightness of the dish and had quite the time dipping it with sauce. 

Large Custom Roll with Premium Fillings - RM19.90

As the menu was quite difficult to comprehend at first sight, I opt for those we loved most - ingredients wise. The combination were salmon with smoked salmon and avocado wrapped in white rice then seaweed and finished with mentaiko mayo and ebiko. Pretty salmon-y combination I have to say.  

Since it was my customized roll, I won't rate it base on its combination but more on the ingredients it self. Everything was fresh and made to order, which was an additional plus point. The mentaiko mayo was rich and craemy, binding all elements together alongside the ebiko on top. Really did enjoyed this one, despite the simplicity of my order. 

Seafood Supreme - RM26.90

If you're a fan of soft shell crab and salmon, you're gonna love this. This was one of their available options for those who are feeling lazy to pick you own, the Seafood Supreme. Wrapped beautifully with quite a large chunk of soft shell crab and their special sauce. The only issue I had was the overshadowed smoked salmon. It got lost in all that amazing flavour that I somehow felt it had lost its purpose being there. But part from that, it was good. 

Katsu Curry 

Among all, I was most interested in seeing how this would turn out. Whether good or bad, it was intriguing at the moment. Furthermore, soy-wrap was used instead of the standard seaweed wrap and chili padis were added as garnish. As you can see, it was rather different from the 2 above. 

But overall, it somehow worked and not at the same time. I'm not sure what they were going for, but it felt as if I was eating Katsu Curry Rice, but in a sushi roll instead. It was interesting that they manage to make it that way, but perhaps I was looking for a different set of 'wow-factor'. But all and all, the flavours were balanced, curry was sweet and the added chili padi gave that nice kick. Katsu was fried to crispy perfection as well. 

The Firecracker - RM19.90

This was my favourite among all 4. For one, it really was spicy. However, there were the depths of sweetness, creaminess from the tuna, warmth of the rice and finally, the fiery experience of the sauce and chili padi. Loved the experience of it. Oh, beware, it is indeed spicy!

Matcha Parfait - RM18.90

Remember Nana's Green Tea in Midvalley? During the opening, tons and tons of people went and try and my Instagram was filled with pictures of Nana's parfait. Everyone said it was great, good and absolutely delicious. And one unfortunate afternoon, I was able to try, after waiting 40 minutes in line, which came to an expected disappointment. 

This on the other hand, was way more enjoyable. The richness and creaminess alongside that bitter aftertaste was definitely something to die for. Fresh red beans and mochi were used in the developement of this parfait. And finally, a bitter finish at the bottom with some green tea jelly. All of which were nicely layered - both visually and tastefully. 

Green Tea Lava Cake - RM16.90

This is also a dessert that you'll have to order when you're here. Overflowing green tea goodness from the cake that remains warm even after several minutes of photo taking. Ice cream was creamy, smooth and consistent while the bamboo green tea decor was quite fun to chew with. Really enjoyed it. 

In conclusion, Okonommi may have some odd or unique sushi rolls, but it all boils down to the combination you pick. Either choose your favourite ingredients which you'll definitely enjoy or perhaps choose from their selection of sushi rolls. Either way, it's your choice. But do not forget, to order their selection of amazing desserts that will get you coming back for more!


 A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas, 
Publika KL.

Operation Hours: 10am-11pm daily 

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