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Finally, one of my favourite thing to eat, steamboat! It truly has been some time since I've last visited a proper steamboat, or at least a good one for that matter. Truth be told, as I drove by Dian Huo Xin Wo, it didn't look as great nor inviting. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Located along the LDP highway, from Damansara to Puchong on the left. I had no expectation of this place, since it's pretty secluded. But, I guess in the end, I was truly wrong. Here are some reasons why.

Some may argue it's a pretty striking signboard, but the colour doesn't match the shop front - hence I thought it wasn't a steamboat place.

Internally, it looks decent. 

Crispy Salmon Skin - RM6

We kicked things off with a plate of crispy salmon skin. Crispy, crunchy and salty with sprinkles of dark soy sauce. Definitely a must try. 

Japanese Cucumber - RM4.50

Fresh and lightly seasoned with soy sauce. Tiny-bit spicy. Great appetizer. 

Century Eggs - RM4.50

Well, I'm not a fan of century eggs myself. But I heard it was good. 

Bacon and Dragonfruit Yee Sang 

I guess during Chinese New Year, Yee Sang is a must! But somehow, over the years, we kinda get bored with the traditional salmon yee sang and might opt for something slightly different. Hence, bacon and dragonfruit yee sang! Great flavours, good texture and an awesome colour to finish. 

Black Chicken Herbal Soup - RM23 

Unlike most steamboat restaurants, Dian Huo Xin Wo's pot of soup requires a small payment. For the soup stated above, its priced at RM23 with unlimited refils. Includes half a black chicken, wolfberries and various other herbal ingredients that maximizes the purpose of the soup - which is to draw flavour from ingredients poured inside afterwards. Over time, the soup gets sweeter and sweeter! 

Tom Yam & Pork Bone - RM18

Aside from the black chicken offered, they also have tom yam and pork bone in stock. However, I would like to focus more on the tom yam as it was exceptionally mouthwatering. Despite looking as clear as broth, the flavour was emulsifying. Sweet, spicy and just the right amount of sourness! Boy was the soup great on its own. In fact, I had a few bowls of just the tom yam soup before the main course came in.

Balls - RM6-RM8 per serving of 4
Dumplings - RM6

The stars of the day, or perhaps balls of the day, are these handmade meat balls. With many to choose from (Salted Egg Pork Ball being my favourite), there's definitely enough balls for many to enjoy. 

All balls are made to order as they're marinated, minced and spread on a sheet. The kitchen staffs will then roll them into balls upon ordering. It is also made daily to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. Delicious, juicy balls with a great texture!

Look at all those balls

More balls for our(my) tom yam!

Apart from the balls, we have thinly cut meat spread on plate and giant prawns!

Chicken Slice - RM12
Mongolian Lamb Slice - RM25
American Wagyu Beef Slice - RM36
Australian Snowflake Beef Slice - RM18
Fresh Prawns - RM20

Look at how beautiful they were prepared. Even slicing and distribution. Great flavours, especially the giant prawns. Fresh, succulent and full of flavour! 

One of the quail egg meatballs! 

Apart from meat, they also do have a selection of greens and various steamboat-qualified ingredients. Pig intestine is one of them, though I do not fancy them. 

Cooking that giant prawn and balls!

As for the conclusion, I'm gonna keep it quite short. Everything was great. In fact, I really do mean everything (besides the pig intestine). Soup was flavourful, tom yam especially! Balls were fresh and succulent, meat were nicely and evenly sliced, prawns were juicy and of course, vegetables were fresh - pretty much everything you can ask for in a steamboat in terms of quality and variety, they have it. This marks my favourite steamboat place as for now! 


Dian Huo Xin Wo,
19, SS4D/2, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: +603 7887 4557 / 012 296 3886

Operating hours: 5pm - 11pm daily

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