Bmon Cafe @ Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara

8:00:00 AM

It's been a quite some time since I last visited The Strand or even Kota Damansara for that matter. After all, it's about an hour journey for me to get there, hence the lack of participation within that area. Anyway, not long ago, a friend of mine has opened a cafe there by the name of Bmon. It's a cartoon themed cafe inspired by Japanese anime.

All the decorations, interior design are planned by the owner himself, and even display items are purchased according to the theme. Most of which cannot be found anywhere else but in Bmon cafe.

The cafe is located on the first floor. 

The interior sure was green as it was cozy. A variety of available seating options, whether is it couch, chair, floor or even swing. 

Honey Milk - RM9

We started off with a warm cup of milk and honey. Smooth, creamy and quite addictive sometimes. Especially when playing with the honey stick. 

Bmon Plant - RM13

The Bmon plant I would say is one of Bmon Cafe's signature drink. Aesthetically it looks really cute, but the taste is far below par. It lacks of flavour and it felt really diluted. It's quite a shame since it was the signature. 

Chicken/Tuna/Mushroom Sandwich - RM14.90

There are a total of 3 variants to the sandwich, chicken, tuna and mushroom. Everything else is the same except for the main ingredient. As for which I liked best, it was the mushroom due to its unique and flavourful factor. However, the chicken and tuna wasn't bad either - it was just a little common. 

Chicken/Tuna/Mushroom Wraps - RM12.90

Similar to the sandwiches, it comes in 3 flavour but with the exact same ingredients. Personally, I enjoyed the wrap more than the sandwiches due to its minimal eating effort. However, I felt that the wrap was lacking in terms of flavour but I could tell it was heading towards a more healthy approach. Nevertheless, it was still pretty acceptable. Good for a diet meal. 

Hawaiian/Mushroom Pizza - RM13.90

Much like but not exactly close to, Dominoes Pizza's thin crust. Well, for starters, it was less oily as compared to Dominoes nor was it overly greasy. Both the pizza tasted really light and fragrant, which was pleasurable in its own way. However, if I was looking for something to fill my stomach, even 3-4 of these wouldn't be enough. Nevertheless, it has good flavour and each batch is made fresh. 

Hippo in the Pond - RM14.90

This is Bmon Cafe's signature dish - Hippo in the Pond. The name itself sounds really cute and somehow does tempt me to order. You may wonder, what is it really? The answer is pretty simple - a combination of potato croquette, eggs and satisfaction! Bold flavours, lovely texture and an absolute delight to have. Simply pour in the given sauce, mix them up and enjoy!

Chocolate Mud with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM10

Though it may look simple, it was actually pretty good. The chocolate mud was not only moist, it was packed with chocolaty goodness and flavour. The vanilla ice cream on the side too was pretty good. I'm not sure why is it yellow but yeah, its vanilla. Had that nice depth of flavour you can't find in any normal commercial ice cream. Absolutely loved it. 

Waffle Ice Cream - RM12.90

Apart from the ice cream, the waffle was really good. Light, fluffy and extremely crisp on the skin. Doesn't get soggy easily and packed with buttery goodness. Loved the simple combination of it. 

In conclusion, Bmon Cafe does stand out in a certain way - especially when it comes to their decor and comical design. Apart from that, the food itself pretty good for its price. I would say that it's perfect for a quick lunch or dessert - especially the chocolate mud and waffles! Apart from that, chilling here is a bliss - free wifi and water refil.


No 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20b, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 

Operation hours: 10am-10pm

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