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It has really been awhile hasn't it? Almost 2 months plus of no-constant updates. Also, since I was sick for approximately 15 days, I didn't really have the energy to write anything. Anyway, after my disappearance for the total amount of days, I believe I should start off with Vietnam Cafe - to give justice to one of the best Vietnamese restaurant I've been too. To cut things short, here it is.

The entrance (Picture stolen from

Simple, clean interior with plenty of room for everyone. Though I felt that the seating were very limited. 

Goi Bo Bop Thau (Beef Salad) - RM13.90

As always, we started off with several plates of Vietnamese salad. It's pretty much a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and condiments topped with slices of cooked beef and tossed in fish-sauce and served with several prawn crackers. The result? A harmonious blend of colours, texture and most importantly, depth of flavour. It was refreshing, light yet flavourful - a great appetizer indeed.

Goi Rau Cau Tom Thit (Prawn and Pork with Agar-Agar Salad) - RM13.90

Similar to the Beef Salad but with a slight twist - that is the change of ingredients from beef to pork and prawn with jelly! Apart from its colourful flavours, it also provides an added dimension of texture due to jelly used. Very impressive I have to say. 

Goi Ga (Chicken Salad) - RM13.90

Beautifully cooked chicken mixed with an array of fresh vegetables and fish sauce. Great texture and awesome flavours - need I say more? 

Thap Cam Cuon (DIY version) - RM31.90

Basically, Thap Cam Cuon means Vietnamese spring rolls but some assembly is required. It comes in a platter of BBQ Minced Pork, Chunky Pork, Sugar Cane Prawn Cake, Fried Spring Rolls and several other condiments. The rice paper was included as well as water for binding and rolling. Pick what you like and roll as you please. I pretty much put everything I could within the spring rolls and it was bursting with flavour and texture - not to mention dipping the spring roll in a chili fish sauce! 

Bahn Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake) - RM15.90

I love pancakes! Why else would my name be Pancake if I don't? But jokes aside, this pancake was really good. Unlike the Thap Cam Cuon (Vietnamese Spring rolls), this was eaten by placing the pancake within a lettuce and rolling the it up. The lettuce gives that crunchy start while the pancake ends it softly and flavourfully (I wonder if that can be a word). 

Pho Bo (Beef Rice Noodles) - RM14.90

Aromatic, soupy and absolutely delicious, the Beef Rice Noodles was loaded with intense flavours. For those who have a nose-block, this might actually work instead of any pharmaceutical drugs. The rice noodles were soft, springy and most importantly, absorbent of flavour. Though the beef slices were a tad hard, the flavours well compensated for it. 

Bo Kho (Spicy Beef Noodle) - RM14.90

Instead of a clear broth and rice noodles, Bo Kho uses a Beef Stew with Carrot base and denser yellow noodles (similar to what you'll get in high-end Wanton Noodles). Aesthetically, it looks pretty simple but the intensity and depth of flavours were bold. Not to mention the aroma it releases - such a hearty bowl of noodles!

Bun Bo Hue (Beef and Ham with Thick Rice Noodle in Spicy Soup) - RM14.90

Slurping on the Bun Bo Hue is like tasting both the Pho Bo and Bo Kho simultaneously. Not that literal but it did felt something similar. The soup was light, spicy but somewhat hearty as well. Noodles were springy and absorbent in flavour. The garnish and slices of beef and ham accompanied the noodles really well. Though its my least favourite among the 3 noodles, I still liked it.

Com Ga Xoi Mo (Special Rice with Oil Seared Chicken) - RM13.90

Or as I would call it, Vietnamese Chicken Rice. A serving of aromatic rice and a glorious piece of chicken with an incredibly crispy skin. Marinated with 8 different herbs for 6 to 8 hours and later baste in oil before serving. That results in a chicken so crispy and packed full of flavour. 

Com Thit Kho Trung (Stewed Pork Belly with Rice) - RM13.90

This was my absolute favourite. Pork Belly braised in coconut water alongside with various other ingredients. Though it may seem pretty easily done, I assure you, its not. The pork belly was so soft that it literally melts upon contact with my tongue. Furthermore, the balance, intensity and depth of flavour was beyond words. Its light enough to be taken on its own but flavourful enough to coat my rice. Such a complex flavour was nearly impossible to achieve. This is what I would definitely go for when I'm back there next time (since the last time I went I had to fight my way to obtain a spoonful of soup from this).

Com Ca Basa Kho Tieu (Black Pepper Basa Fish with Rice) - RM13.90

Now this was what gave that flavourful punch. Something so simple, but packs a whole lot of flavour. This was my second favourite dish there! However, I believe to some it might be a little salty but accompanied with some beautifully cooked rice, it shouldn't be much of an issue. (I also had to fight for this one, not so much for the fish but as to who gets to keep the sauce).

Hen Xuc Banh Da (Fried Saffron Lala with Sesame Seed Crackers) - RM17.90

Soft, somewhat chruncy and quite an interesting mix of flavour and ingredients. Goes incredibly well with the Sesame Seed Crackers both in terms of flavour and texture. 

Fried Baby Squid (New) - RM14.90

If I'm not mistaken, this was one of their new additions to the menu, or perhaps a limited time-only thing. However, I believe it should stay on the menu (if its a limited-time thing). Baby squids fried to golden perfection - great on its own and even better with the chili sauce. Now, all that's missing is a nice pint of iced cold beer. 

Lau Vit Nau Chao (Fermented Beancurd with Duck and Yam) - RM31.90

This last dish that was served to us, was truly memorable as well. Lau Vit Nau Vhoo is a popular Chinese Vietnamese dish but Vietnam Cafe has incorporated its own recipe with it. I'm not exactly sure what are the differences as this was the first time I've tried it. But regardless, it was absolutely amazing. 

Smooth, creamy and milky broth with the sweetness of the yam and duck. The fermented beancurd that was used as the base gave the soup that body it requires. And overall, it makes a perfectly, hearty, flavourful and wholesome soup. Not sure if it does have any health benefits but I would definitely love a pot of this when I'm sick (which is currently and screw regular chicken soup).

Nuoc Gia Khat (Special Vietnamese Coffee) - RM6.90

Last but not least, Vietnam's very own special coffee. Prepared by using the dripping method, intense flavour and aroma of the coffee will be siphon through to the bottom of the glass. This coffee in particular, was chocolatey in aroma but strong and bitter in taste and body. I would say it's more effective than your regular two-shot Espresso. Definitely worth trying! 

To wrap things up, I know I have been using the word 'flavour' and 'flavourful' a lot. Do pardon my limited vocabulary but it was simply too flavourful to change otherwise. Each dish served was accompanied with a 'flavour-bursting' effect. Though it differs from one another, but as a whole, it truly was amazingly flavourful. 

To those who wishes to kill that cravings of yours, regardless of the dish that you're craving, do give Vietnam Cafe (Kafe Vietnam) a try. I'm quite sure that it temporarily place your tongue on hold. Lots of flavour, great service, clean environment but most importantly, affordable! 

*Kafe Vietnam also offers imported Vietnamese products such as coffee, rice paper, spices, instant noodles and various other stuff as well. 


Vietnam Cafe (Kafe Vietnam)
No. 1 Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong

Operation Hours: 9.30am - 9.30pm
Tel: 03-8052 7472

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