Kazoku Ai - Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen @ Jalan Klang Lama

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Although Japanese restaurant has been sprouting around, not all of them offer what many of us wants. Sometimes it has something to do with the pricing or quality, ambiance or service, few of the many factors that stops many of us from returning to a selected Japanese Restaurant.

Kazuko Ai on the other hand, is what one would consider a hidden-gem. Though the location was quite hard to find, but with the given landmarks around the area and Google Maps, it was quite straight-forwarded. There's also an abundance of parking and the fees will be covered by Kazuko Ai. Furthermore, the warm and friendly staffs along with its cozy and modern interior does provide a sense of hospitality and comfort. A choice can be made between indoors or outdoors, with the teppanyaki chef being indoors and several tall-tables and stools outdoors.

Kazoku-Ai - Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen front signage.

Front entrance.

The Teppanyaki chef, along with its well-cleaned grilling equipments. 

Hotate To Yasai No Sotei (Sauteed Scallops) - RM38 / 6pcs

We started off with some beautifully seared fresh scallops. Crisp and aromatic on each and with added lemon juice, tasted absolutely delicious. Fresh scallops, well cooked and nice portion. 

Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce - RM22

A slab of salmon cooked to perfection with teriyaki sauce. Fresh, flakey and goes amazingly well with rice. What's even better would be the separated fried salmon skin. It adds that dimension to the dish both in terms of aesthetics and taste. Something different from what you can find anywhere else. 

Spaghetti Mentaiko - RM22

I believe this was the turning point of Kazuko Ai. Among so many, this was by far the more unique and interesting one. Not to mention delicious as well. Cooked beautifully with Cod Roe and prawns, the depth and dimension of the flavour was harmonious. It's neither overpowering nor too bland - in fact, it was balanced with great taste. 

Garlic Fried Rice - RM10

I guess in almost every Japanese restaurant or Teppanyaki restaurant for that matter, offers their version of the garlic fried rice. Though I would assume the recipe may be 80-90% alike, the execution is where things can go either good or bad. Simply put, the garlic fried rice at Kazuko Ai was good. A warm scent of eggs and garlic alongside that subtle yet flavourful tone within your mouth - a great compliment to other sweet dishes as well as it wasn't overly garlicky. 

Yasai Okonomiyaki - RM12

Japanese pancakes on a stack, with lots of dried bonito flakes, mayonnaise and sweet sauce. Quite a nice side dish indeed.

Tempura Moriawase  - RM28

Simple and pretty straight-forward. Crispy tempura with a bowl of tempura sauce on the side. Not sure why, but during when I was there, the tempura tasted of 'leftover oil'. The kinda oil-taste that gets stuck onto your tongue for a period of time - perhaps due to over-frying, dirty oil or perhaps not the right choice of oil. However, I have spoken to the owner and he has confirmed the cleanliness of the oil, sparkly, and will pursue the matter on this. Let's hope it gets better now!

Salmon Sashimi - RM26 / 7pcs

Salmon sashimi usually comes in a plate of 3, 4 or 5. However, at Kazoku Ai, you'll get 7 fresh, fat, and plump slices of sashimi for only RM26! Not to mention it's served on a bed of ice - ensuring freshness to its devours! 

In conclusion, Kazoku Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen has done its part on both Teppanyaki and conventional Japanese cuisine. Everything was executed with the utmost cleanliness and procedure to ensure food are served healthily, beautifully and of course, delicious. Definitely worth the try, prices are reasonable considering the portion and taste! Kazoku Ai also offers a range of Japanese sakes and wine, so if you're nearby and cravings for a cold sake, do head on down to and show your support! This review was also brought to you by https://www.foodink.com.my/. A food portal where there are daily updates about the latest food and dishes!


3A-G, 3rd Mile Square, 151,
Jalan Klang Lama
Pusat Dagangan 3rd Mile Square,
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10.30pm

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