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It has been a while, since I blogged and my last meal at Din Tai Fung before this review. Din Tai Fung has always been our casual dating restaurant as they serve my one of my favourite golden fried rice. Fluffy, clean and absolutely delicious. Now, I'm back again to see whether or not they have kept up the standards of some of my favourite dish along with additional dishes!

The main entrance with the mascot! They should have brought in the mascot earlier during their grand opening several years ago.

Beautiful interior - a contemporary twist to traditional Chinese design. 

Din Tai Fung House Special - RM6.90

This is truly my all time favourite appetizer. A balanced combination of sweet, sour and spicy alongside its crunchy and soft texture. A definite must order at Ding Tai Fung.

Spicy Jelly Fish - RM10.90

Another great appetizer, similar to what you'll find in a Japanese restaurant. Fresh, chewy and a little spicy - also another great way to start a meal!

Stewed Wheat Gluten - RM7.90

A slightly different take compared to the previous 2 appetizers, this was slight more savory rather than being light and zesty. Rich in flavours as the bean curd absorbs all the goodness within it. 

Spicy Sichuan Chicken - RM15.90

The Spicy Sichuan Chicken I believe, is one of their latest addition to the menu. I don't recall seeing this the last time I was here. Nevertheless, it was actually pretty good. Cold, smooth and tender chicken served with Sichuan styled chili sauce, sesame seeds and crushed peanuts - a good play on both flavour and texture no doubt. 

Fragrant Pork with Crushed Garlic - RM15

A simple dish well executed - cuts of cucumber wrapped in cold slices of pork and served with chili oil and crush garlic. Those who loves bold flavours, this is a must try, alongside the House Specialty Appetizer. 

Shrimp and Pork Shao Mai - RM15.80 (6pcs) / RM24.80 (10pcs)

Yes, it does not look like a regular yellow shao mai (dumpling), instead, it looks like a bag of gold covered with shrimp. Filled with perhaps a spoon worth of broth, both the minced pork and shrimp were fresh and flavourful. Furthermore, the skin remained intact despite some ruthless movement trying to take it out of the dim sum case. 

Xiao Long Bao - RM11.20 (6pcs) / RM17.80 (10pcs)

Their world famous Xiao Long Bao, juicy and tender on the inside filled with flavourful pork broth and covered with a thin layer of smooth, translucent skin. Dip with soy sauce & ginger before placing it in your mouth as a whole and wait for that explosion of flavourful broth! A definite must try!

Vegetable and Pork Dumpling - RM17.80 (10pcs)

Well packed with both the flavour of the vegetable and pork, smooth and consistent. Dipped with some soy sauce + vinegar or chili oil - excellent!

Steamed Fish Dumplings - RM20.80 (10pcs)

Beautifully wrapped group fish dumplings with a smooth and consistent texture. Though I would expect more flavours from this as I find the lack of seasoning disturbing. Quite a potential dish as well if they were to season it right. 

Spicy Shrimp Pork Wantan Lamian - RM17.50

A generous serving of shrimp & pork wantan on homemade lamian noodles served with sichuan style chilli base. The wantan itself had a really nice bite alongside its smooth skin while the noodles were cooked to perfection. Consistent in all manners without any issues. However, the sauce itself was mainly spicy without much depth of flavour. Overall, once mixed together, they compliment well with one another but perhaps, I'm looking for something abit more unique. 

Dried Mustard Green & Pork Lamian - RM14

Though it may seem slightly boring and plain, I find the idea and concept of this dish quite unique. Despite the lack of sauce, presentation and meaningful ingredients, the flavour was superb. You'll get the sourness and crunchiness from the picked dried mustard green and the heartiness from the shredded pork. The noodles act as the binder which envelope both this simple ingredients, creating something light but definitely fun to eat. 

Hot & Sour Soup Lamian - RM15

This, I got to admit, was the scariest. When it arrived, it was a bowl full of red, fiery soup. It looked spicy as hell! However, despite the appearance, it was actually pretty mild with slightly more sour notes to it. It was quite the noodles I have to say. 

Pork Chop Fried Rice - RM18.50

Here it is, my favourite, golden, fluffy fried rice with egg and added pork chop. Despite what others might say, this is by far my favourite type of fried rice. Lightly fried with plenty of eggs, ensuring both the fluffiness and taste of the fried rice - As compared to those dense, hard and overcooked fried rice. Its a personal thing as I do not enjoy dry and dense food as much. 

Pork chop itself was also juicy and succulent. Loads of flavour and tender as well, a great compliment to the fried rice indeed. Chilli sauce is also available for those who like it slightly spicier. 

Shrimp Fried Rice - RM17.90

Similar to the Pork Chop Fried Rice but with shrimp instead. 

Stir Fried Pea Sprouts with Shrimps - RM26.50

Beautifully cooked pea sprouts along with fresh and plump shrimps. Clean palette of flavour, just slightly garlicky - a good companion to heavy dishes. 

Salted Pumpkin - RM17.50

Soft, golden pumpkin wrapped and fried with salted egg. One would expect it will be quite flavourful. However, the flavour of the salted egg was rather subtle hence the dominance of the pumpkin itself. The crust was slightly dense, as I'd expect it to be light and crispy. This dish may not be at a standard which I expect from Din Tai Fung, so I do sincerely hope they were to improve this. Lots of potential, don't waste it. 

Thousand Layer Cake - RM10

A traditional cake made perfect. Each layer was laid and compress consistently, without any lumps or bumps. Smooth, fluffy and well flavoured. Though it might be too simple to be considered as a dessert for some but personally, I quite enjoyed it. 

Red Bean Dumpling (Top) - RM13.50 (10pcs)
Steamed Taro Dumpling (Bottom) - RM13.80 (10pcs)

A dessert form of dumpling, red bean and yam paste infilled dumplings. Sweet, consistent and chewy. Wouldn't mind a few of these to go with some dessert soup. 

Grass Jelly with Glutinous Rice - RM9

This was interesting as well. Sticky, gooey and sweet all combined. Though there may be many like it such as glutinous rice ball or even some sort of sticky dumpling, this was particularly fun to eat. Flavours were rather straight forward, its pretty much red bean with grass jelly. Texture-wise, were pretty commendable. 

Sesame Dumpling in Red Bean Soup 

Simple, traditional sesame dumpling (perhaps more like Mochi) in red bean soup. I don't quite like that fact that the red bean soup was watery, but I understood it was to compliment the sesame dumpling as it was sticky and dense. Flavour-wise, no complaints, pretty spot on. 

I guess that's all of them, a total of 23 dishes were served that night. Although not every single one of them were really great, there were some that were commendable. Some of my favourites includes the House Appetizer, Jellyfish, Stewed Bean Curd, Spicy Sichuan Chicken, Xiao Long Bao, Dried Mustard Green & Pork Lamian, Golden Fried Rice, Stir Fried Pea Sprouts with Shrimps, Thousand Layer cake and Sesame Dumpling in Red Bean Soup. 

I liked the fact that all the dishes served were fresh - especially the prawns. They're the easiest to screw up. Either mushy or overcooked. The staffs were quite attentive, kept changing our plates but was quite slow of refilling tea. Though its not the first time that they refill at this pace. Food wise, most of what I've tried were good, some were great but some definitely requires improvement. 

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One Utama,
Lot G343a, Ground Floor.

Tel: 603-7732 0027

Operating Hours: Weekday: 11am - 10pm
Weekend & Public Holiday: 10am – 10pm

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