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This is not the first time I'm here nor the first time I'm writing such a post. Despite its serving of healthy and nutritious food, it derives from a line of beauty and wellness. Yes, Isme Beauty Cafe. The first in Malaysia's beauty center with a integrated cafe, serving not only premium skin care products but healthy food as well. You can read more about it here at my previous post

The entrance

Lovely interior. 

Harney & Sons premium selection of tea. 

Cafe Mocha - RM13

Smooth but slightly diluted in flavour. Would've been nice if it was richer. 

Isme Signature with Bear Art - RM13

Similarly, it was pretty light. I guess the ladies prefer it light and smooth instead of creamy and rich. 

Mango Mille Crepe Cake - RM15.90

We started off with some lovely cakes, mille crepe included. Among so many, this one by far my favourite. Being nicely layered with a thin spread of cream, stacking one another, creating that luxurious paper-ish feeling. Mango itself was noticeable and well balanced, not too sweet nor too bland. Overall, good cake. 

Red Velvet Cake - RM13.90

I guess the trend of Red Velvet has been drowning a little as compared to when it first came out. Despite that, there are still plenty of cafes and restaurant serving it. Isme is no different. Apart from its flavour, the cake was extremely dense. To me, it did not taste or felt like a red velvet, but a red coloured buttered cake instead.

Mocha Cheese Cake - RM13.90

This, was rich. It was rich with both flavours of coffee and cheese. In fact, I'm surprised they actually made this with a nutritionist allocating the appropriate amount of calories. Most of what they use are low fat and lower in calories, but my tongue tasted otherwise! Quite amazing actually.

Chocolate Brownie - RM13.90

Rich, creamy and luscious! A strong hint of chocolate (obviously) alongside smooth and fluffy body. Quite a good cake indeed.

Lime Margarita - RM9.90
Tart Strawberry Muesli Yoghurt - RM16.90
Carrot Cake - RM13.90

3 desserts on a plate, which to start? Anyway, The lime margarita was quite unique, despite heavier notes on the lime instead of a balanced one. Edible silver pebbles were pretty fun the first time I had it, but got annoying afterwards. 

The tart strawberry unfortunately, wasn't cold. If it was, I'm pretty sure it makes heck of a difference. Flavour and ingredients wise, pretty good, just preferred that the yoghurt was cold. 

Lastly, the carrot cake was pretty dense. It does taste a lot like carrot but it was simply too dense for my liking. Wish it was fluffier. 

Classic Chicken Sandwich - RM25.90

A simple serving of sandwiches with ham, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce with a side criss-cross fries. Healthy, fresh and delicious. Great for an afternoon tea or lunch. 

Nutri Beef - RM25.90

I guess there's one word which fits the results perfectly, healthy. A beef sandwich consisting of your daily ingredients of beef salami, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, onions, pickles and mayonnaise completed with a wholegrain bread. The flavours internally was great, superb in fact. However, the wholegrain bun was extremely dense and hard. Toppled with the time we spent taking photos, which was approximately a 15 minutes-delay, the bread got cold rather quickly. Aside from the buns, not a bad sandwich too. 

German Kransky Cheese Sausage - RM25.90

Similarly to the Nutri Beef, the buns were really dense and hard. Not to mention the size of which this was cut - totally not mouth friendly. Can't fit it as a whole and neither was I able to cut it as they fell off easily. But aside from that, the taste and ingredients used were nice. There is potential to this dish. Just not now. 

Chicken Lover Burger - RM25.90

Among so many buns, this was the softest and fluffiest, perhaps due to the bamboo charcoal they use, but nevertheless, it was light and fluffy! Alongside strips of chicken ham, slices of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and wasabi mayo - it was a pretty damn good sandwich. 

Isme Superfruits Croissant - RM23.90

This oddly looking croissant was indeed my favourite. Instead of the usual ham and eggs, fruits were used instead. Mango, kiwi, strawberries, and avocado was their main ingredients alongside lettuce and some salad dressing, spooned over the innards of the croissant. Lovely flavour, good texture and amazingly sweet (fruity sweet).

Raspberry Ice Cream

Last but not least, our dessert of raspberry ice cream. Rich, tangy and full a balance of sweetness. Though, I hate the fact that they placed marshmallow on my ice cream. Aside from that, the ice cream itself was good. 

I guess, in conclusion, the food at Isme was extremely healthy. Every dish that was prepared had some sort of alliance with a nutritionist as to ensure its calories, vitamins etc are all within a certain limit. Taste-wise, most of it was alright. The main issue was the texture, and for me, it was the buns used. 


Level Concourse Unit,
No. 18 & 19,
Nu Sentral,
No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

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