Isme Beauty Cafe @ Jalan Padang Walter Grenier

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It has been some time since I've last updated, due to my finals. Now that it is over, I can finally start reviewing again.

Just about a week ago, I had the opportunity to have a food tasting review in Isme Beauty Cafe. Located just right behind Lot 10, and right beside Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur, the place was not very difficult to find. Though located at along the back alleys of Jalan Imbi, the shop's facade was pretty spot on.

The idea of course, is a cafe where they serve healthy and nutritious food. I was even told that there is a nutritionist to help control the food. Some what impressed with that haha.

Inside, you will be greeted with a calming and whit-ish ambiance. The light timber flooring and vibrant blue couches really set the mood right. 

At the end of the restaurant, there will be a section for beauty consultation. However, there will not be any facial or treatment available for now. I'm no expert in skin care products but their CUSCOS (short for Custom Cosmetics) are using Swarovski's Zirconia elements in their products. 

Blueberry Cheese Cake 

Despite being a cheese cake, they claim it to be lower in fat as compared to other cheese cakes out there. And to be honest, when someone tells me their cakes are healthier, I'll start having doubts on the taste.

Surprisingly, it was really good. The cheese was rich and milky while maintaining a solid and crispy crust. The blueberry on top felt fresh and lively; not too sweet nor bland. It tasted better than a regular Blueberry Cheese Cake. Along with the composition of plating, it was really good. Truly impressed.

Oreo Cheese Cake 

Now come on, how can Oreo Cheese Cake be low in fat? Not to mention the amount of flavour lost if it is.

Again, surprised and impressed. The balance between the cheese and Oreo was just right. The crust was also crisp and very Oreo-ish. It was smooth, rich and well balanced and I simply do not know how they did it, but I am amazed. 

Although they did say that they use 3 different types of cheese in order to make it. Which was pretty interesting. 

Mango Crepe Cake

After having 2 of those cakes, I had quite a high expectation for this one. And of course, it delivered. Each layer of the crepe was uniform, creating a really nice, smooth and fluffy texture. The mango flavour was quite the impact as well. In conclusion, it was really good. 

I believe the cakes were simply amazing. It has been some time since I really enjoy cakes, besides Baskin Robbins, they're ice cream. 


Looks like a regular Tiramisu but with a splash of brandy. Sweet, creamy, rich and suddenly, Brandy! Great flavours, great texture, a definite win for me!

Gynostemma Herb Tea - RM12

Simply put, it had a pretty weird taste to it. Kinda reminds me of a drink I take when I have fever. Apparently, from a health benefit point of view, it promotes an increase of strength and stamina and protects the mind against mental or physical stress. It is especially helpful for the immune, digestive, nervous, reproductive and cardiovascular systems. It is a very potent health tonic according to this website

A table full of cakes and tea! =D

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti - RM20.90

Despite saying creamy mushroom, I felt that it was a little too watery. The spaghetti did not taste bad, it was simply very light. Great for a light lunch or tea time. 

Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti - RM20.90

This one however, was a little more flavourful compared to the Creamy Mushroom. Nevertheless, it was also pretty light, despite the mass amount of dried herbs on the pasta. 

Caffe Mocha (Different Coffee Art) - RM13/RM14 (Hot/Iced)

Beautiful art, rich and delicate flavour, a cup worth paying for. 

Isme Signature - RM13/RM14 (Hot/Iced)

Personally, I found this pretty light and milky. I actually prefer something stronger but for those who enjoy a smooth and milky-rich coffee, this is the answer.

Chocolate - RM13/RM14 (Hot/Iced)

Smooth, not very rich nor is it too bland, but balanced enough to get the taste of chocolate. A little too pricey for me but a good cup of hot chocolate nevertheless.

Affogato - RM14

Possibly one of the best affogato available with that price. Despite the ice cream being a little icy every 2-3 spoonful intervals, the flavour and consistency was pretty good. 

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

The brownie was pretty good; it was moist, rich and smooth. The ice cream tasted similar to the one used in the affogato, which wasn't bad at all!

Bread Stick with Tuna & Fresh Salad - RM15.90

Despite being rather common, tuna bread and salad, it was pretty comforting to eat. It was light, flavourful and relatively addictive as well! 

Overall, I really did enjoy myself along with everyone else who attended that day. The food was on a 'above average' level even without accounting the fact that it was healthily made. Prices are pretty reasonable around down town KL. Last but not least, it is healthy!


Lot B-1-1 Block B,
1st Floor Bintang Fairlane,
No.23, Jalan Padang Walter Grenier,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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