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Ever had that feeling when you're craving for some fried chicken but KFC was just too shitty to be put in your mouth? Ever felt like you wish there were more options rather than the Trinity - KFC, Popeyes, Texas Fried Chicken? Yes, now there is. Or perhaps there was long time ago but I just couldn't find it. Located right in front of Sunway College and behind Underground Societe, comes a newly opened, affordable yet delicious fried chicken shop called the Crispy Crust.

One of their main entrance signage.

Couch made from the same material as the signage. Loved the choice of colours and materials. 

Internal seating area with open kitchen with a 4-5 meters high ceiling. Quite interesting I have to say. Plenty of room, lots of air to breath and absolutely free to move about. No worries with knocking anything. 

*During this time, the food was placed in several location, hence I had to adjust the best angle for all of them. The format may seem a little too much, switch from portrait to landscape. Furthermore, the white balance of each photo was a bit off, each being somewhat different as the ceiling was too high up and impossible for me to bounce. Thus, trying out new methods so do pardon the inconsistency. 

Signature Fried Chicken 

We started off with a simple serving of fried chicken and rice with some sauce. Nothing much but fresh and crispy chicken, well seasoned sauce and a warm serving of rice. Great for students going for a quick lunch!

Fried Fish Fillet with Spaghetti and Salad

Similarly, a filet of fried fish and some spaghetti and cream sauce. Simple and affordable. 

Grilled Chicken Salad 

Perfectly grilled strips of chicken placed on a bed of salad. Juicy, moist and flavourful chicken with fresh vegs, a diet we can negotiate about. 

Double Satisfaction - RM20

I remembered when KFC had a double chicken burger, with the buns swapped for a large chicken breast on each side, sandwiching a slice of ham with cheese and mayonnaise sauce. This however, was similar but with an additional scoop of spaghetti inside. Served with a bowl of cream sauce, its way juicier than what KFC could've served. Heavy eater? This would definitely fill you stomach!

Grilled Chicken Chop with Sausage

Juicy and gloriously cooked chicken chop with a serving of jumbo hotdog, cheese, fries and salad on the side. Simple, filling and simply delicious. 

BIG Sandwich - RM13

Crispy juicy chiken on a bed of salad topped with beef bacon & mayonnaise and finished with 2 slices of thick raisin bread. A great sandwich on the go. 

Platter for 4 - RM50

Yes, you've heard it. A platter for 4 with 2 pieces of fried chicken chop, 2 fried fish fillet, 2 jumbo sausages, 2 grilled squids and 4 fried shrimps! It was definitely a feast! Squids were juicy and sweet, jumbo sausages were flavourful and crisp, all fried batter was fried golden brown and of course, for health reasons, a side of salad.

So, I guess the conclusion is quite simple. KFC sucks, here's another alternative. Try it. =D


39, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya, 

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