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Over the years of going to SS15 looking for something to eat, its always the usual stuff. If it isn't Mcdonalds, its KFC, or at least something like that. Its quite hard to find a decent western-cuisine restaurant without bursting through my pocket. Even though there was the famous Salmon steak, but it died now. Conveniently, it was replaced by Rendezvous Corner.

I guess they've still kept the exterior designs. 

As always, beautiful set up.

High Tea Set 2 - RM20.80

Comes in a set of 4 cupcakes, 4 mini cupcakes and 4 cookies. There is a smaller version called High Tea Set 1 which costs RM14.80 and has half of everything, (2, 2 and 2). Whats interesting about this high tea set is definitely the cupcakes. It ranges from a wide variety of flavour which includes Nutella, Teh Tarik, Black Forest, Milo and Red Velvet. 

Cupcakes were pretty moist and soft which definitely was a good sign. Everything wasn't too sweet as it was just nice. Balanced, fluffy and unique. 

Cappuccino - RM7.80

A simple cup of cappuccino served with a chocolate chip cookie. The coffee however, was pretty light and milky. So don't expect a strong, kicking coffee flavour.

Tropical Fruit Tea - RM9.80

This was good. In fact, it was really good. I really did enjoyed it. Its basically apple, passion fruit, orange and lemon. Simple ingredients but made really well with each other. The tea however, was warm instead of being cold. So it didn't have that refreshing "ahhh" to it but remained a calm, soothing effect. 

Latte - RM7.80

Similar to the cappuccino, it was pretty mild. This requires serious improvements.

Escargot ( 1/2 dozen) - RM11.80

Our second appetizer was escargot. Cheesy, creamy and well cooked escargot for a really reasonable price I have to say. 

Potato Skin - RM7.80

Crispy potato skin topped with cheese, bacon and cream. I wouldn't say it was extraordinary, but it was pretty good for its price tag. Rich and flavourful. 

Cheese Fondue Chicken - RM16.80

The utmost important thing, the melted cheese. It was pretty cheesy but fell more towards the creamy-milkish side. It was also pretty salty which I find works with the selection given. Brioche bun, criss-cut fries, slices carrots, fried chicken and broccoli.

Fried Cheesy Chicken - RM15.80

Personally, I find this was the best dish served during the afternoon. The stuffed chicken itself was moist, tender and oozing with cheese. Unfortunately I did not take a photo after I cut it because my hands were pretty oily. The batter was also light, thin and crispy. The balance of flavours were good within the chicken. Serves with criss cut fries and coleslaw.

Satay Fondue Chicken - RM15.80

It was pretty weird being served satay here but nevertheless, its alright. The satay itself was tough and chewy, not to mention bland. It clearly was a bad sign. The rice cubes (ketupat) was dense and dry which was unforgivable. The brioche bun was pretty good. Last but not least, the satay sauce. Although a little watery, I wouldn't say it has lost all hope. Some additional seasoning and increase of flavour is required. Also, we need thicker sauce. 

Cheese Macaroni - RM11.80

This was also another one of my favourites during the afternoon. The macaroni was pretty good in terms of flavour and texture. Creamy, rich and flavourful. However, I simply do not understand the need of the lonely hot dog. I would have placed few slices of chicken thigh to compensate the lack of meat instead.

Sweet and Sour Icy Chicken Rice - RM9.80

I have no clue who came up with the concept, but I thought it was brilliant. The only issue here I believe, was the execution. Despite the chicken being tough and impossible to chew, the flavours were pretty good. Not to mention the play of temperatures - hot and cold, that gave it that added dimension. If the chicken was tender and moist, it would have been quite a hit. The other issue was the rice - simply unforgivable. 

Chocolate Lava Cake with Rum & Raisin Ice Cream - RM6.80

This has got to be one of the cheapest Chocolate Lava Cake possible. Despite the price, it was actually pretty good. The cake was crisp outside and moist inside. The chocolate was still oozing out the minute we cut it. The rum & raisin ice cream is halal for some reason, it says so on the container. Amazingly, it tasted pretty good. 

Overall, I believe Rendezvous Corner has succeeded in providing affordable western cuisines to both the student and working adult crowd. Despite having a few drawback from some of their dishes, its never too late to improve. 


No. 55A, Jalan SS 15/4,
Subang Jaya, 47500

Monday - Friday: 11am- 2am
Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 11am-2am

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