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Breakfast cafes have been sprouting massively over Klang Valley in these 2 years. Whether is it Antipodean, Mr & Mrs, Nutmeg Bangsar or many others. AMPM Cafe is one of the latest addition to the breakfast club; located right next to "Main Place", the hideously named shopping mall/condo in USJ.

The entrance with a fairly large signboard which I find workable. It makes it easier to find the cafe.

Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino (hot) - RM10, RM9 and RM9 respectively

Started off with a wide selections of coffee which includes Cappuccino, Latte, and Mocha. Smooth, creamy goodness with a nice bitter end. 

Hot Belgian Chocolate 

Comes in a warm milk and a chocolate cube on a stick. Slowly stir the chocolate stick and it will melt within 3-4 minutes or so. The result was rich, milky and of course, chocolatey. I would say this was one of the best hot chocolate I've had in a long time. 

Big Breakfast - RM19

The first thing I noticed was the amount of food on the plate. Usually its just eggs, toast, mushroom and bacon/sausage. This however, has added sweet potato, baked cheesy tomato, spicy kidney beans and the awesome spicy sausage. The eggs were poached perfectly, as seen above, it was still runny when we poked it. 

To summarize, the combination of each individual element fits well within the palette. You have sweet, savoury, milky, spicy, smoky and refreshing. Basically, it tingles with your senses and I would say its one of the best Big Breakfast I've had in a awhile. 

Eggs Benedict - RM18

2 poached eggs served on onion scones, leaves and your choice of citrus bacon, smoked salmon or grilled turkey bacon and homemade hollandaise sauce. Eggs were poached perfectly, runny when poked. Generous slices of salmon dashed with a nice amount of hollandaise sauce. A pretty decent eggs benedict no doubt. 

French Toast - RM16

Brioche dipped in eggs & grilled. served with chocolate cream, fresh sliced bananas and butterscotch sauce. Everything was pretty average except the chocolate cream and butterscotch sauce, which were simply amazing. The cream wasn't too sweet as it was pretty light and creamy simultaneously. The butterscotch sauce was simply irresistible. Sweet, salty and caramel-ish flavour spread across the plate evenly. Simply put, I would take the bread and mop the plate dry. 

Catalan Baked Omelette - RM20

A pretty simple and light dish. Omelette baked in hotpot  with turkey bacon, capsicum, tomato concasse and cheddar. Personally, I felt it was rather bland and lacking in flavour. Although I'm not sure whether or not it was meant to be, regardless, I was expecting quite a robust flavour. 

Warm Raisin Scones - RM14

2 servings of warm, crusty raisin scones with chocolate cream, fresh strawberries and sliced bananas on the side. Scones were pretty dense and powdery which somehow I find acceptable. The chocolate cream was similar to the french toast which was pretty good. Mixing them together gives that wonderful flavour and texture. Although I believe that this dish could be dramatically improved. 

Breakfast Wrap - RM17

Its pretty much like the big breakfast, but in a wrap. Warm tortilla wrapped with the amazing spicy chicken sausage, roasted diced tomatoes, refried beans, scramble eggs and cheese. Flavourful, multiple textures, and quite a large portion. Although I would expect a little more seasoning since this was slightly bland compared to the big breakfast. 

Bombay Toast - RM16

Egg toast coated with cinnamon & brown sugar served with strawberries and syrup. To be quite honest, it was pretty sweet. Personally, I can't really take sweet stuff so yeah....

Pancakes - RM17

Despite my name being Pancake, I am not supporting this one. I usually am pretty bias towards pancakes but this was pretty bad. The pancake itself was dense and dry. The additional gula melaka syrup was great, but not in combination with the dry pancakes. Perhaps if the pancake was a little fluffier, the gula melaka would have been a great replacement over maple syrup. The caramelized bananas had a nice smokey end to it but the pancakes were simple unacceptable. I've passed this message on to them and hopefully, they will improve before my next visit.

From front to back - Snickers Cake, Sweet Potato Cake and Oreo Mudpie

This is possibly the first time I've tried the Snickers Cake. I have read about it on the internet but it wasn't available here in Malaysia those days. Verdict? It was really really sweet. It feels as if the God of Sugar came descended from Candy Land and smacked my face with a lollipop. It was that sweet. However, the cake is would be amazing to those who have sweet tooth.

The sweet potato cake is my favourite among the 3. The texture was smooth and fluffy. The flavour of the sweet potato was subtle but noticeable. If there is one thing I would like to change, would be to increase the fluffiness and lightness. Besides that, everything was good.

Last but not least, the Oreo cake.

Its pretty much Oreo ice cream served with crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce. A choco-paradise. If you think the Snickers cake was sweet, wait till you try this. Twice the amount. Again, this would be heaven to those who love Oreos or really sweet stuff.

Overall, I would say that the big breakfast was one of the best I've had. I would go back there anytime just for their breakfast alone. The Hot Belgian Chocolate is also a must-try along with the French Toast. Last but not least, the sweet potato cake. It is something new but if you prefer sweeter stuff, go for the Snickers or Oreo. They will definitely cure your cravings for sweet stuff.

Also, I am giving away 6 RM10 cash vouchers all thanks to FoodSocial. All you have to do is send me an email at First come first serve basis. =D


No, 11A, Jalan USJ 21/5, 
USJ 21, 47630, 
Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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