The Humble Pie Co @ Section 17, PJ

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Just wanted to share a short review on The Humble Pie, Section 17, PJ. I came across this restaurant quite some time ago, probably 2-3 months now when I was doing an assignment. And during that time, it seemed quite popular on the internet. Even upon arrival, there was no seats available. So yeah, here's a short review on it.

The entrance, pretty small and "humble". No pun intended.

That was the table we were seating in and that couple is probably gonna seat there next. Lucky.


Standard illy's espresso. Nothing much.

Musang King Pie - RM18

I guess its pretty absurd to be paying RM18 for a small pie and I may have knocked my head over before coming here. But as soon as I saw Musang King, I cannot resist. Anyway, without much thought, I ordered it. 

The result was not what I'd expect it will be. The wasn't expecting the topping to be a creamy-custard thing but instead a potato or something. Guess I wasn't paying much attention. It was smooth, not-so-rich and light. Then comes the inner filling with a lump of fresh Musang King durian. I really liked it, after all, we Malaysians love durian. Finally, the base which was crisp. 

Overall, it worked really well together. Despite all that, it was pretty nuts to pay RM18 for that. I wouldn't do it again but if anyone has the budget, I do recommend it.


The Humble Pie Co,
11, Jalan 17/45, 
Section 17, Petaling Jaya, 

Operating Hours:

Tuesday -Friday: 11.30am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 0.30pm

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