The Buzz Ramadan Buffet @ Premiere Hotel, Klang

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You've probably read some of my previous reviews from this hotel, if not, you can do so here and Now, they are currently having a Ramadan buffet promotion with over a hundred dishes!

You can now buka-puasa with a variety of Nyonya, Traditional Malay and International cuisines that will surely excite your taste buds!

Located right beside the entrance of the hotel and named The Buzz Restaurant. 

A large and comfortable space for everyone! No need to squeeze around trying to take your food and getting back to where you sat.

Start with servings of fresh seafood which includes Crabstick, Mussels and Prawns!

Cold ham slices and another salad servings.

Fresh salad with a wide range of sauces available! 

Choices of Ulam Kampung and ketupats.

Surprising enough, this is the first time I've seen Luk-Luk and Chicken Rice like that in a buffer, regardless whether or not it is Ramadan. It is indeed something new for me ahahah.

This is possibly one of the popular places. Crowded with people waiting for the roast lamb to be served. Quite frankly, I had to wait several rounds because people kept taking it away the second it was served. With no shame, I had to stand by the counter and ask the chef directly to placed it on my plate. 

There is also fresh satay on the side which people would queue up for. Within this section of the area, there are also chicken wings, grilled mussels, grilled fish and grilled squid. Basically its the "grilled" area.

Various rendang, curry and Rendang Tok, which happens to be one of my favourite!

Besides the traditional Malay dishes, there are also Pastas available. Not to mention made fresh on the spot unlike most of the buffets which serves them cold. A choice of Bolognese, Carbonara or tomato are also available for the pasta. 

Rich, creamy and quite flavourful Lasagna anyone? =D

English buns with butter!

Deer Soup. One of the dishes that is different from various other buffets. Usually they either do chicken or beef, hardly anyone would choose deer meat instead.

Desserts, what more to say than a wide range of them! Plentiful to be honest!

Coconut Shake, another one of their signature drinks. Its basically a blend of Coconut juice and vanilla ice cream. It may sound a little sweet but amazingly enough it was quite balanced. The only thing I wish was that they serve it in a larger glass. It was too tiring to walk back and forth to get more.

Some of the dishes I took

Chicken wings with Lamb! 

The chicken was a little under-flavoured but was still quite juicy. The lamb was great with the sauce. Without the sauce it would be a little under-seasoned as well. 

Second serving of lamb with satay!

Chicken satay was tender and flavourful but the beef was a little hard.

Some mixed rice with veges and rendang.

Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa. Great flavours and depth. Noodles are cooked on the spot and the soup was pretty delicious. 

A little pasta and lasagna. Requires more seasoning.

One of my favourites, deer soup. I had to go for seconds with this. The deer meat was really tender and flavourful. The soup itself may seem a little oily but it was worth it. Don't mind drinking this everyday. 

First serving of desserts!

This is one of the key highlights. Durian with Pulut rice. I can't express how amazing and indifferent his is compared to the usual Mango Pulut. Kinda getting sick of that already. I believe its great that they change it durian. However, this is because I enjoy durian. For those who don't, it might be an issue. 

Price: (7pm-10.30pm)
Adult - RM98
Child/Senior Citizen - RM68

A RM980 booklet is also available which includes 10+1 vouchers. Meaning the 11th person will be eating free! Premiere Card and Premiere Plus members will receive an additional 20% and 15% discount respectively. Last but not least, WCT AirAsia Big Cardholders are entitled to One Big Point every RM1 spent. 

For more information, do log on to

In conclusion, I believe the Ramadan buffet served by The Buzz in Premiere Hotel is worth the priced. The taste and variety available to all, including the lamb, durian pulut and deer soup which are my favourite are hard to find nowadays. I'm not saying that there aren't any, just perhaps the price would be a little more than RM98. For a hearty meal at an affordable price, Premiere Hotel will be able to provide!

Additional Notes: Photos above are only some of the dishes. There are a lot more! 


The Buzz, Premiere Hotel,
Bandar Bukit TInggi, 1/KS6,
Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

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