Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine @ Premiere Hotel, Klang (Bukit Tinggi)

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Last Saturday, I had a short trip to Golden Palm Springs Resort for a briefing, apparently organised by Tourism Malaysia. They promised a 2 day 1 night stay voucher when I completed the briefing. I'll explain the story when I review that resort, in the near future. Anyway, after finishing the briefing, around 5pm, we head back to KL and prepare ourselves for a review at Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine, Premiere Hotel in Bukit Tinggi.

It wasn't far from where I stayed, so I took my own sweet time driving there. Great place, cheap parking and relatively easy to find restaurant.

The entrance.

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs

Delicious chicken soup with a glorious abalone at the center. It tasted great! Flavourful, sweet and  herbalish. There was also a black fungus-like thing inside, which was their secret ingredient. Apparently, that was what gave it the depth and flavour. I don't even know how to describe with words. All I can say is it was a great soup to start with. 

Steamed Sea Grouper in Village Style

Classic homemade stled steamed Grouper Fish. Does not smell or taste fishy, great flavour, and tender meat. Includes dates, black fungus, wolfberries, beancurd and several roll of glass-noodles. Goes great with rice.

Stir Fried Baby French Bean with Top Shell

Top shell, a slightly better way of saying Escargot. Somewhat disgusted when I first heard it but it tasted fine. So I guess I was just biased to the thought of eating snails. Fortunately, I do enjoy the baby French bean very much. It was well cooked with nicely coated with flavour. Every bite was somewhat exciting as juices starts squirting out in your mouth.

Steamed Minced Chicken with Salted Fish

To some people, they may find it a little odd. Who would pay more for something that they could have done at home? This however, was a little different. Besides the convention use of minced pork, chicken was selected. It was amazingly tender, juicy and some may even think this is pork. The additional eggs on top gave it an identity plus giving body to dish. I won't say its the best minced chicken/pork I've had, but I sure will say its a darn good one. 

Baked Lamb Rack with Chef Special Sauce

Succulent ribs with loads of flavour and depth. Marinated with Chef's Special Sauce and cooked with its own juices. The meat was tender, juices and really enjoyable. It may look a little western for a Chinese restaurant but it works both ways. I would say, this was the star of the day. 

Double Boiled Saussurea Involucrate with Snow Fungus and Red Dates

Last but not least, desserts. It was a little hot when they first serve, took me awhile to be able to drink it. Rather sweet with lots of herbal ingredients. A simple and great way to end the meal. 

The sum it all, the food was great. It was kept simple yet outstanding. Most of the dishes were pretty normal but executed in a different manner, using different ingredients and coming out with a better result. Overall, I did enjoy the food and service provided.


Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine,
Premiere Hotel,
Bandar Bukit TInggi, 1/KS6,
Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

Tel: +6 03-3325 6868

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