Bari-uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Center

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Known famously for its collapse, Jaya Shopping Center has finally been rebuilt and opened. Just about 2 weeks ago. The mall itself is still rather empty as tenants may not be so eager to return to such a tragic place. Having said that, there is one man, brave enough to secure an outlet for himself, right on the 3rd floor. That man is the owner of Bari-uma Ramen.

The entrance of the place. Look at how clean the mall is!

Homemade Ramen Noodles!

Gyoza (5pcs or 10pcs) - RM11 / RM20

Our appetizer, or so as I call it. Juicy, well cooked and consistent. Dip it with the provided chili sauce and its simply amazing.

Nego Mayo Gyoza (5pcs or 10pcs) - RM12 / RM22

 Similar to the original gyoza but with added chili, mayonnaise and spring onions. And I thought the first one was good. Quite frankly, I prefer the this one because its slightly spicier and rich.

The four ramens that we ordered.

Signature Bari-uma Ramen - RM26

Although it may look pretty simple, with a slice of pork loin, an egg and some bamboo shoots, it was actually pretty good. The soup neither too oily nor thick. Furthermore, it was flavourful but it wasn't as salty as some competitors. Last but not least, the noodles were really well made too. Consistent and firm throughout each strand giving that constant and balanced flavour with the soup.

Noritama-uma Ramen - RM29

This, was, great. The soup was similar to the Signature Bari-uma Ramen; pork flavoured shoyu soup but the added seaweed gave it a really nice twist. I do not know what it is, but the additional seaweed changes everything. It was just simply delicious, nothing more nothing less. 

Kara-uma Ramen - RM26

For those who fancy a twist of spiciness in their ramen, this is the ramen for you. Subtle at first but powerful at the end. 

Chashu-uma Ramen - RM32

Finally, a ramen with 4 slices of thick, flamed chashu on a bowl of ramen. I have not mention this in the previous 3 dishes because I am about to focus it here.

Imported from Spain, the pork was not only flavour absorbent, it was remarkably tender. The charred side of the pork was also bursting with smoky flavour. Not to mention it was crisp as well. It may be too early to say this but this is by far the best chashu in a ramen I've ever tasted. I may sound exaggerated but yeah, it was great. 

Yakitori-combo (5 pcs) - RM13.90 

Instead of ordering individual yakitoris (usually 2 per plate), we had a combo of 5 on a plate. It consists of chicken thigh and leeks, chicken thigh, chicken breast, pork thigh and leeks, and pork belly.

My favourite would be the pork belly, of course. Why wouldn't I like pork belly? It was tender, chewy and full of flavour. It was also coated nicely (overly) with teriyaki sauce which made it sweet and savoury. The only issue I had was the thickness of the pork belly. I did wish it was slightly thicker. Besides that, it was all good.

Green Tea & Sesame Seed Ice cream for desserts!

Green Tea- RM7.90

Its not the first time I had a green tea ice cream in a ramen or Japanese restaurant but how often can you get an amazing one? This was. It was neither too sweet nor bland, but at the right balance of green tea flavour and sweetness. Simply put, it was really good. 

Sesame Seed Ice cream - RM7.90

There is a reason why I would say "Sesame Seed" ice cream instead of the convention "Black Sesame". This is because at the heart of the ice cream (which is literally every single part), there was a right amount of sesame seeds. Not too much, neither is it too little to notice. In fact, I actually enjoyed the texture of this ice cream more than the Green Tea's. 

In conclusion, I would say I like the flavour of the green tea ice cream and the texture of the Sesame Seed ice cream. 

Overall, I find the restaurant to be serving really good ramen and side dishes. In fact, I believe that if they were to continue this sense of quality and taste, they have the potential to go even further. 


Address: L3-11, 
Level 3, Jaya Shopping Center, 
Jalan Semangat, 
Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya.

Operating Hours - 12-3PM / 6-9.30PM daily

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