Ichi Sports Bar @ Premiere Hotel, Klang (Bukit Tinggi)

5:23:00 PM

To fellow Klang peeps, there is a new way to enjoy watching football now. Somewhere with not such a loud music nor any unhygienic mamaks. Premiere Hotel is located right beside Tesco, further down from Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Its strategic location do place quite an important role for its community.

Located on a upper floor open area, the Ichi Sports Bar is adjacent to a very rectangular and clean swimming pool.

So clean! For now, the pool is only accessible to the in-house guests but they are planning to allow customers from the Ichi Sports Bar to dive in as well. Just a matter of time.

Spacious area with plenty of natural ventilation and soothing breeze. The area wasn't even a bit cramp. 

Of course, a sports bar has to have some sort of sports. Since its debut was rather new, just about a week ago, they only had several games available. Mainly tiny golf, basketball, and skateboarding. I was hoping that they would include water polo or even pool (snooker), that would spice things up.

This is their balcony view, or basically roof-top view, which ever you want to call it. Overlooking the people of Bukit Tinggi/Klang, right next to Tesco (The white building is Tesco). It really is convenient for the people around.

Last but not least, they also served us with some light snacks and alcohol. The food wasn't at its best quality but at least there were glasses of cold beer! =D

In conclusion, although the place may not be as fancy as bars or clubs in KL or PJ, but they do serve the local community pretty well. Anyone from within the region do not necessary need to drive all the way down to KL or PJ just to have a drink at night. Not to mention the price hike in tolls and petrol. 


Ichi Sports Bar,
Premiere Hotel,
Bandar Bukit TInggi, 1/KS6,
Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

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