Bad Boy Cooks @ Setia Walk, Puchong

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It has been some time now since I last did any review in Puchong Setia Walk. I have always wanted to try Bad Boy Cooks since its opening as everyone was posting it on their Instagram and Facebook. Anyway, thanks to Spicy Sharon, I was able to try.

Located right behind Beer Factory, Bad Boy Cooks is an American Diner concept restaurant. Quick and easy food at a extremely reasonable price. Furthermore, students get additional 10% discount everyday! The prices are amazingly cheap and will appeal to those who are working nearby.

The entrance.

Interior decor sparks a vibrant contrast between black, white and red. The use of stainless steel tables really do reminds me of those from American movies. The space was relatively comfortable with plenty of room for people to walk by. Unlike several restaurant these days, I have to move my chair every time someone decides to walk by my table. 

Italian Tomato Soup & Comfort Mushroom Soup - RM6 each

We started the meal with 2 generous servings of soup; tomato, and mushroom. The tomato soup was really rich in flavour and the additional chopped tomatoes gave that extra bite. The mushroom soup itself was good, I will not say the best, but definitely worth RM6 per serving. My favourite was the tomato as it was unbelievably good for a soup that costs RM6.

Bad Boy Wings - RM6

Delicious, mouth-watering, spicy chicken wings. The sauce was really addictive. I wouldn't mind eating few buckets of these. The only problem I encounter was the slightly overcooked chicken. Its bearable but I do prefer it slightly moist. Besides that, it was great. 

Bad Boy Mash - RM4

3 scoops of mash potatoes with caramelized onion on top. Sweet, savourish and lumpy servings of mash potatoes which was actually pretty decent. I don't mind the lumpiness since smooth potato mash tends to remind me of those powdered form ones. For that price, definitely worth it.

Bad Boy Caesar - RM8

A generous serving of crispy bacon on caesar salad topped with 1 hard boiled egg and cheese. Cheap, delicious, bacon, worth it!

Chili Nachos - RM6

A generous serving of chili topped with spring onions and mayonnaise on nacho chips. The chili tasted pretty good but because of the long photo taking session, the nacho was soggy already. I believe if it was still intact, it would be pretty awesome.

Chili Fries - RM6

Similar to the Chili Nachos, it got soggy too quickly. I would suggest separating the chili on another bowl to allow customers to pour as they desire or simply just dip it in.

Tempura Fish Bowl - RM9

To my surprise, the tempura fish was plump, juicy and pretty well seasoned. At first I felt weird because I knew that wasn't Fish & Chip's batter but once I found out it was tempura, it was all good. A portion of japanese coleslaw served on top of Japanese short grained rice. Cheap, filling, and delicious.

Cajun Chicken - RM12

Sweet, savoury and tender grilled chicken served with mash potatoes and caramelized onions, and coleslaw. Very simple and straight forwarded. However, I do reckon additional seasoning on the chicken, it was slightly bland.

Grilled Lamb - RM19

Similar to the Cajun Chicken but with lamb and mushroom sauce on mash potatoes instead. Under-seasoned and overcooked. It was hard and dry. 

Beef Patty and Mash - RM13

A different sauce on the mash potatoes, this time its tomato soup-sauce. Pretty interesting and uncommon. The patty was relatively okay. I wouldn't say it was great due to the lack of flavour and the chewiness of the high fat content. But somehow, with a little bit of sauce, it was alright. After all, you cant beat the price.

Fire Bird - RM9

Chicken patty with cheese on a slice of tomato and coleslaw served with fries. The chicken was quite tender but requires additional seasoning or sauce. It lacks that juiciness that one craves in a burger. The fries were pretty well fried, crispy and filling. Great with salt and some ketchup. Coleslaw helped ease and lighten the burger. 

Grilled Fish - RM12

3 generous serving of grilled fish with mushroom sauce sered with coleslaw and fries. The fish, was surprisingly good. Plump, flaky and filled with flavour. The amount of mushroom sauce available was nice, no need to worry that I will run out of sauce. Definitely worth the price.

BB Chili Dog - RM12

 A very simple, American styled hot dog with additional chili on top. Rich, savoury but a little too runny. I prefrer my chili to have a thicker consistency so they will not flow easily. But taste wise, satisfactory for the price.

Bacon Mushroom Pasta 

Crispy bacon served on mushroom pasta. Requires more seasoning as it was quite bland. But spaghetti and bacon cooked perfectly.

Bad Boy Madness - RM19

The dish that everyone was waiting for during the review. A multi-layered chocolate brownie, cake and cookie with ice cream, whipped ceam and bananas sprinkled with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. This, is, madness. Also diabetic. 

Pure sweetness, awesome brownies, and able to share among 4 people. 

Overall, I believe that Bad Boy Cooks is a pretty unique restaurant. The food was really cheap and the portion was generous. Not everything was spot-on delicious but most of it were pretty good. Some were decent and some require improvements. However, if compared with price to quality ratio, I wouldn't mind it. Definitely value for money. 


B10-G, Block B, Setiawalk, 
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, Selangor.

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm daily

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  1. this looks awesome. but sounds like taste-wise it ain't too grand. but hey, for that price.

    1. haha yes. Not all that great but good enough for the price =D