Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant @ Klang Parade

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Just a few days ago, I had a craving for some Japanese food. Since I was at Klang Parade just last week for their opening tour (I'll post that review up soon), I remembered there was a Japanese restaurant that look rather promising. Without much thought, we headed back there.

Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant. 

It was pretty new but it was full of people. We actually had to wait for 20 minutes before entering. But this is also partially due to the fact that I wanted the 4 person table to take photos. If not, 10-15 minutes would suffice.

Like every Japanese restaurant, there has to be a moving belt with sushi of coloured plates.

Japanese Green Tea - RM1.50 Hot / RM2 Cold

Similar to Sakae Sushi, they offer Japanese Green Tea bag. The only difference was that both Cold and Hot works the same. They only add a glass of ice for you.

Salmon Belly & Salmon Sushi - RM6 & RM4

The prices were pretty similar to those franchise Japanese restaurant; ie: Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Zanmai and various others.

First taste of the salmon sushi, thick, fresh and succulent. The rice were well formed as well. However, both the Salmon belly and salmon sushi tasted relatively similar. The only difference was the belly was softer and oilier somewhat. 

Age Tosa Tofu - RM6.90

Ordered this because it looked pretty nice on the menu. Also, I wanted something salty. The tofu has a really nice fried crust. The tofu inside was also consistent and smooth. No breakage whatsoever. The sauce however was a little mild as compared to some other places, but its alright. Its not that bad.

Smoked Kano Ramen - RM17.90

Smoked duck ramen. The ramen was conventional, similar to what I had in Sakae sushi 4-5 years back. The duck however was really thick but chewy. The smokiness was also lost, perhaps due to the soup. Nevertheless, it was an interesting try. 

Hotate Don - RM19.90

Scallops with egg and onions. Sweet, savoury bowl of rice. Scallop was a little rubbery, egg was cooked runny and onions were a little raw. However, sauce was flavourful enough and the rice was cooked to perfection. 

Ebi Curry Don - RM15.90

Mild, sweet Japanese curry with crispy fried prawn. Portion was nice and the sauce was sufficient. No need to calculate the quota and ratio for the rice:curry. Not the best Japanese curry I had, but it was pretty decent for its price. 

In conclusion, I think Don Kaiten Japanese restaurant does have a chance in Klang Parade. Their food wasn't fantastic nor grand but it sure does satisfy my basic tummy. The prices were pretty average, although I do find it a little high for Klang area. Nevertheless, I think its good enough to serve the local community with fresh salmon sushi and Japanese dishes. 


Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant,
G39&40, Ground Floor,
Klang Parade.

Tel: 03-3358 6681

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  1. Was order a teriyaki chicken don, but they gave me deep fried chicken don, and the manager insisted that's how teriyaki should be. A Japanese restaurant which can't differentiate between teriyaki and deep fried, what a joke

    1. serious? thats really damn lame lor hahaha. i didn't have any issues when i was there lah but i guess its different for everyone. hopefully the fried chicken don didn't taste bad?