Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant @ KL Live Center

8:00:00 AM

It was a grand celebration for Pig's grandmother 90th birthday. Of course, for such an event, an exclusive place is crucial. Thanks to that, I was given a chance to taste and review this place *Yay*. It was a terrible evening to be driving down to KL, especially when there was a problem on the Kesas highway for some dumb reason. Took us more than an hour to reach Ah Yat Abalone Seafood restaurant.

Located in the place where a famous Korean restaurant once were. It was one of the first few Korean restaurants in Malaysia before the K-pop hype occurred. Unfortunately, it didn't last long enough till that hype and was shut down.

Disclaimer: I do not know what are the dishes called, since they were named with some great meaning behind them, I totally DO NOT get it. I mean, why is Buddha Jump Over a Wall a soup? Makes no sense. Hence, I will be naming the food accordingly, using whatever I know.

Rather fancy Chinese restaurant. 

4 Seasons of Meatiness

Roast duck, roast pork, crispy pork skin and some jellyfish thingy. The roast duck was a little tough but the flavours were alright. I wouldn't say its the best but it was my favourite among the 4.The pork skin wasn't as crispy as some of the other Chinese restaurants in town. The jellyfish was just weird. 

Bowl of Disappointed Not-Shark's fin-Soup

I know, shark's fin are considered illegal to be consume but that wasn't my point. Even if it was fake shark's fin, I wouldn't mind. I simply like the fact that the transparent strands gave it that extra texture. Or perhaps I'm biased to the fact that in the past, Shark's fin soup was simply awesome. 

Chicken in a Nest

The chicken was amazingly tender and moist. The sauce was pretty delicious too. Sitting on a bed of broccoli, it tends to absord the flavour of the chicken and the sauce, making it soft and full of flavour.

Abalone with Mushroom and Baby Bak Choi

The star of the day, abalone. Unfortunately, I do not eat abalone due to personal reasons. But according to everyone else, it was fresh and succulent. Also, the sauce was thick, consistent and well coated.

Fresh Tiger Prawns

A serving of fresh tiger prawns. It really was fresh and large. Succulent as well. 


I purely disliked this. I do not know what on Earth this is.

Cendol Jelly and Pastry

One part of the dessert which has interesting Cendol Jelly. Its the first time I had something like this in a Chinese restaurant. And quite frankly, I do enjoy it.

Red Bean Soup

I love red bean soup. I also like it thick and gooey, filled with mashed red beans and pack full of flavour. This was a little too diluted, but still sweet.

Large Pink-Ass Buns

Special order for the night. Cute little ass-like buns with custard filling. A rather fun thing to eat since the bun was pretty soft.

In conclusion, like every Chinese restaurant, they tend to have good and bad dishes. Not surprising. But at least, everyone enjoyed the Abalone, which I assume its the main selling point of Ah Yat Abalone restaurant. 


2nd Floor, Life Centre, 
No.20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
Kuala Lumpur, 
Kuala Lumpur City Center, 

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