Wang Zi Mixed Rice (Economical Rice) @ Taipan, USJ (Non-Hala)

8:00:00 AM

This is really new for me; being invited to a mixed rice food review. Wang Zi Mixed Rice is located at the heart of USJ, Taipan, right across Starbucks and further down the road. The signboard is striking in red but a little difficult to find because it is in Chinese. There is also English but the font was relatively thin. Some may find it hard to see.

The owner, David, promises cheap, clean, tidy and comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy. Without doubt, the quality of food is also David's top priority. Catering to the local community, USJ is a large housing area with an abundance of offices around. Especially in Taipan. Wang Zi mixed rice is considered as the first dedicated Economical Mixed Rice restaurant within the neighborhood.

The dishes will start stacking up at 10am -1pm for lunch and 4.30pm-8pm for dinner time. There are over 80 dishes (in rotation between the hours) daily! That's heck a lot of dishes! Furthermore,soup of the day and drinks such as Chinese tea and filtered water are available for free. This is also the first Economical Mixed Rice restaurant that serves Brown Rice as an option to the white rice.

It was a Saturday evening during the time where we went for this review. And even so, it was packed with people. Line after line, the queue did not stop till about 7.45pm-ish.

The entrance.

Loads of dishes!

Brown Rice & White - RM 1.50 & RM1 per plate

The amount of dishes was overwhelming. I do not know what to pick and try. 

Salted Egg

Chinese lettuce


Sesame Seed Chicken

Spicy Eggplant

My favourite Chinese sausages


Fried Chicken

Meatballs with Chili sauce

Minced pork with egg

Tofu-fish paste thingy

These were only some of the dishes that I took. There were too many to put all of them here haha.

Water and Chinese Tea refill station. That Magic water dispenser there has a double filtration system that ensures your glass of water is sparkling clean.

Again, these were only some of the dishes that we could try due to limited tummy space. In general, most of the dishes were well cooked with a balanced level of saltiness and taste. There were some that was slightly overcooked but it is alright. I can't expect all 80 dishes to be cooked to perfection. The most important thing would be the price, taste and cleanliness accordingly (personally).

Few dishes that I really like, the plate of green vegetables, Chinese sausage, tom yam chicken, curry pork ball, braised egg, sesame seed chicken, petai, spicy eggplant, minced pork with egg and their meatballs. I may have stated a little too much but yeah, most of them were pretty good. The prices are reasonable as well. Roughly priced at RM5-7 per plate depending of type of dishes chosen and portion. 

In conclusion, I really do not mind eating there everyday for lunch or dinner if I'm working nearby. Got broke after spending RM20 on Starbucks? No worries, just walk straight down from there and you'll only have to spend about RM5.50 on a plate of rice filled with variety of dishes!


Wang Zi Mixed Rice,
No. 36, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 
USJ Taipan, 
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm

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