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After months of dying to try Pepper Lunch at Sunway Pyramid, I finally had an invitation to at Pavilion. A little further than expected but nevertheless, good location with quite a spacious seating area. Happened on a Saturday, where the parking is slightly more expensive and the people flooded from one end to another. That had caused the inner cheapskate of mine to reveal itself and parked somewhere nearby, for free, as a Chinese, everything must(should) be free.

The entrance

Look, specially divided space for us!

Fresh black pepper, crushed daily. Brown sauce and Garlic Soy. All these 3 sauces will be used to help enhance flavours of the dish later on.

Nestea tumbler. They will be having a promotion from May for 1 month. The promotion will include a Nestea tumbler, a main course and side dishes. However, it will only apply to the Combo Deluxe section and there will also be a 15-20% discount.

The sides!

Salmon & Chicken - RM28.80

This is one of the selections from the Combo Deluxe section. Includes a fillet of salmon, about 3 serving of chicken, bean sprout, long beans and corns. If you'd noticed, there is a brown thing on top of the salmon and chicken. That will be their special butter, made specifically for this. 

First and foremost, the chicken was incredibly tender and moist. Not to mention its chunkiness as well. Goes well with additional fresh black pepper and honey sauce. Salmon was a little too quick to cook. I guess it can't be helped since we took quite some time to get a right photo. Nevertheless, the method to reduce the speed of cooking will be placing the salmon on top of the bean sprouts. This way, its indirect cooking.

Last but not least, and this will work for all the dishes. I will summarize it here. The corn goes really well with everything. Initially, it looked stupid, why in the world would they serve me corn? Does it look like I'm a bird? But bare with me, it was really good. To be honest, possibly one of the best situation to have corn with. And the long beans, God they're juicy. Every bite will unleash a watery outburst straight down your throat. The bean sprouts however, was pretty normal. 

Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku - RM21.80

Must cheaper than the previous one, perhaps due to the lack of salmon. Nevertheless, the beef yakiniku was marinated pretty well. It has flavour but, cooked incredibly fast as well. For those who like their beef slightly raw, place it on your veges. The beef juices will help coat those veges as well! 

The burger steak was indeed juicy, moist and a little chewy. Seasoned with black pepper, and voila!

Rib Eye Steak - RM36.80

This my friend, will be my main reason to return. Juicy, rich, tender, chunky slices of Rib eye steak. Whether cooked medium well or well done, absolutely delicious. No mistake in this at all. Price may be a little high but hey, what do we live for? I ordered two of this! =D

Teriyaki Double Salmon - RM32.80

Similar to the first dish. The salmon cooks really quickly and the sauce was quite good. 

J-Curry Rice with Double Steak Burger - RM23.80

Finally, something different! Japanese curry sauce with burger steak and rice. Curry was a little sweet and grainy. However, for those who enjoy sweet Japanese curry, this shouldn't be an issue. The burger steak again, was juicy and tender. The curry will give extra flavour and the serving of rice was pretty huge.

Pepper Steak - RM29.80

Similar to the rib eye steak only with a different cut of steak. Equally delicious, but slightly tougher than the rib eye. 

Caramel Ice Cream - RM4.80

Finally, dessert. Caramel ice cream. Straight forwarded vanilla ice cream with caramel. It was a little too sweet for me. Hence, my disapproval of the ice cream.

Here is the promotion!!

To conclude, I believe Pepper Lunch does serve pretty good food at a rather reasonable price. Despite the fact that my favourite was the Rib Eye steak which costs a whooping RM36.80, it was worth it. I know some may argue that for almost 40 bucks, you could have gotten something more authentic or western but hey, its good to try something new once in a while now wouldn't it? 


Lot 1.54 (Food court's level), 
Level 1, 
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

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