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After a tiring day of submission, I was treated to a rather comforting restaurant, Tang Shifu in Paradigm mall. Personally, I do enjoy soup, especially herbal. So happen I was craving for some soup and there I was, sitting and awaiting soup.

Amusing-looking facade. 

Interior space

Royal Jelly with Aloe Vera - RM6.90 (Left)
Citrus Lemonade - RM6.90 (Middle)
Honey Pamelo Tea - RM6.90 (Right)

Rather straight forward, slightly sweet.

Guava with Chen Pi (I assume this is orange/citrus skin) - RM3.90

A nice portion of pickled guava with orange or citrus skin, resulting in a sweet and sourish taste. Great appetizer.

Cordycep Flower and Japanese Mushroom with Sliced Pork - RM38.90

First and foremost, the sliced pork. It was supremely tender and moist. Delicious soup with depths of flavour to compliment. Overall, goes incredibly well with rice. One of my favourite pick among the soup I've tried.

Eight Treasure Pickles with Tea Mushroom & Bamboo Fungus - RM25.90

Unfortunately, this was a no go for me. The soup was a little too bland as I'd expected more flavour from it. Perhaps it was meant to be in such a way, clear, clean and light. Personally, I prefer bold and deep flavours. 

Snow Mountains Lotus Black Chicken Soup - RM38.90

Simply put, I really did enjoy the soup. No doubt it was rather light but it has depth. Layers and layers of herbal extract within it. The additional mushrooms really gave a nice chew and the black chicken was not as dry. Usually the chicken tends to firm up due to the long cooking process. 

Dried Scallop Spare Rib Soup with Cordyceps - RM23.90

Ah yes, for some, this would be a love or hate thing. You either love it or hate it. I do love it but I'd wish it was stronger. Kinda light to me. 

Hsien Tai with Wolfberry Simmered in Soup - RM14.90

A simple, well cooked, flavourful plate of spinach. Love the additional wolfberry and tiny anchovies. Really gave it that extra texture compared to what I get somewhere else.

Broccoli with Sliced Abalone & Scallop - RM23.90

To be frank, I only had the scallop and perhaps a piece of broccoli . It was really plump, but not as juicy. The broccoli however was surprisingly well cooked. Just the right softness and crunchiness. 

Home Braised Pork Belly in Rich Dark Sauce - RM22.90

Make your own hamburger/sandwich! Juicy, meaty, tender and flavourful pork belly topped with cucumber and crushed peanuts/sesame topping on sliced mantao bun. Lovely!

Dried Scallops & Petite Abalone Mixed Rice - RM16.90

I'm just gonna put it, soupy rice! Although some would say it as "Lam Pet Pet". Great idea but lack of flavour. 

Angelica Dang Gui Stewed Pork topped on Rice - RM7.90

This however, was pretty good. Lots of flavour and texture compared to the previous dish. I personally prefer this. 

Caramel Beancurd - RM5.90

Last but not least, dessert! We would call it "Tau Fu Fa" here in Malaysia. I find the additional caramel sauce to be wasteful since the beancurd itself was infused during the preparation. Naturally, it was already sweet without the additional sauce. Moreover, the beancurd was really soft and smooth. Real easy to eat, great flavour, lovely texture!

As this was my first time trying out Tang Shifu, I have to say, it was pretty good. The price may seem expensive for some dishes, but I guess, it worked out. A healthy, flavourful way of cooking which is theoretically difficult to achieve, was succeeded. 


Lot No.CF-38 & CF-39, 
Concourse Floor, Paradigm Mall, 
No 1 Jalan SS 7/26A, 
Kelana Jaya, 
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Operating hours: 10am - 10pm

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  1. Thank you for dining at Taang Shifu Paradigm Mall outlet! Glad that you loves the food here. Hope to see you again:)

    1. haha! Glad to be there! =D

      will return in the future!