Charlie Chaplin Cafe @ One City, USJ 25

1:30:00 PM

Ever wished to spend money and gain close to no return? Ever felt like buying a house and abandoning it? Ever buy groceries and threw it out in the trash? Well, there is a place just to trigger that emotion! Its no other than the famous Charlie Chaplin cafe.

Now, I know I may sound a little harsh with my opening sentences but it is true. This is strictly personal and I do not expect everyone to feel the same. I totally understand that there are different people with different perspective and here is mine.

The main entrance. Everything looks rather promising.

Consisting of 2 floors, the interior was acceptable. I wouldn't say great but it was pretty fancy. A simple black and white combination was used.

Pasta Bolognese - RM24

Served with 2 different colour spaghetti, original orange and black, topped with beef bolognese sauce and pan grilled bread. The presentation was nice. It had contrast and appeal but, the flavours weren't that great.

I'd expect the 2 coloured spaghetti to play a vital role in providing different texture or flavour. However, it tasted exactly the same. I assume its squid ink pasta but was not noticeable. The additional bread was a creative idea but tasted bland to the tongue. The sauce was relatively okay, nothing spectacular nor great. 

Charlie Chaplin Pizza (Signature) - RM30

Before I ordered this, I saw waiters bringing this to almost all the tables. Curious, I ordered one. Well, not such a wise choice after all.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that I'm not fan of thin crust pizza, at least not this thin. I'm fine with Domino's thin crust. Back to topic, the pizza was in fact, mediocre. The crust was too thin for me as it felt like biting British crackers. To some it may be great, but not to me. 

Secondly, the cheese was overpowering the tomato. Not that more cheese is bad, its just the portion or serving of tomato sauce wasn't enough to receive such a heavy pounding from the cheese. It was literally cheese on crackers with a tinge of ketchup. Furthermore, with such a hefty price tag at RM30, I would expect a whole lot more.

In the end, I find this place incompatible with my ideals on food. It wasn't bad, nor was it great, it was just..meh. Alongside the price tag, then its bad. I can easily get better pizzas at B.I.G or Bens. But then again, its what I felt about the place. I believe its more of the atmosphere that you're paying for, not the food. 


Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia
One City, Jalan USJ 25/1,
47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03 – 51150196

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