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I have never been to Japan, ever, in my life and I envy those who did or will be. I can't say that I will never go there but it might take some time due to financial issues and career. Nevertheless, I am starting to plan about how to get there,hopefully in the next 2-3 years.

There is much to love about Japan, food, culture, anime, technology, my future Honda 09 Civic and so on. And for those who really wanna try Japanese imported goods and had not been to Japan, there is a Japanese fair going on in Setia City Mall, from now till the end of August 2014. They provide an extensive range of imported snacks, cooking ingredients and fun things to play with. 

Tons of brands originated from Japan itself.

Pockys! Famous Japanese biscuit stick with a wide range of flavours and textures. Unfortunately, our Malaysian Rocky is no where close to the essence, quality and taste of Pocky Japan. There were plenty of Pocky available on a reasonable price. 

Pretz! Another one of my favourite biscuit stick. 

I've watch quite a number of videos on Youtube doing a review on Japanese Doritos. Somewhat lucky to find them here. They are pretty rare. 

Wasabi Peas, loved them when I was a child. The exhilarating feeling you get when the wasabi hits your nose. Instant cure for noseblock.

Doraemon snack!

The biscuit from Crayon Shin Chan!!

Pokemon Candy!

And even more candy! I can't believe how many there were.

The famous wasabi peas which comes in a triangular packet. 

Miso paste sample to be given out to all visiting customers. Just pour 160ml of hot water with a single packet and enjoy!

3 for RM10 puddings!

The infamous green tea KitKat!

The green tea section and cooking ingredients section. And there it is, Kewpie's famous roasted sesame dressing for salad. Similar to what you have in Sushi or Pasta Zanmai.

Miso Chicken using miso paste!

The 2 Japanese helping out with the fair!

That concludes the Japanese fair section of the post. Do visit Urban Fresh in Setia Alam Mall, not only do they have Japanese products but a wide range of other things as well. The fair will last roughly 3-4 weeks. 

Japanese Snacks and Wine Tasting session! =D

Disclaimer: I do not read any Japanese so I'm just gonna name it according to how I see or taste it. Also, I'm, no connoisseur of wine nor do I drink it often. Just stating out my opinions on how it taste. haha. 

Dried Japanese Baby Crabs

Started off with a packet of this. Similar to the taste of dried squid/sotong. Little spicy, crispy, crunchy and chewy. Sweet and savoury-like flavour that goes really well with a glass of cold beer.

Japanese Yuzu Wine

Slightly sweet, tangy and light wine. Nothing too strong with a rather bitter-sweet aftertaste. Perfect for a night of light drinking.

Half Moon

I only tried the blue one in the middle which was pretty powerful in my defense. Sweet and a kick of alcohol. I can't remember exactly what it was but I do remember it has something to do with mixed citrus. The green bottle is purely ginger while the red was another flavour. I am unable to find more information about it on internet, perhaps because I can't type in Japanese. 

McGuigan White Wine

I'm not really a white wine person as I find it a little bitter for me. Although there were quite a number of times people kept telling me it was fruity, I still couldn't taste the fruitiness of it. In the end, I still prefer red. I did try the McGuigan red wine and yes, I do prefer that one. It was sweeter and more acceptable for me. 

Japanese soda water

Which tasted like soda water with a little syrup sweetener. Although I have to say the method to opening the bottle was pretty interesting. 

Somersby - Pear Cider

The famous Somersby, sold at a premium price nationwide. Some say its a drink for girls, but I beg to differ. The apple cider tasted pretty damn good for me. The pear cider however, was a little more subtle in comparison. It wasn't as sweet as the apple nor as fragrant but it was pretty refreshing nonetheless. 

Edamame Flavoured Crackers

Tasted like edamame and was relatively thin and crispy. Well coated with seasoning and was pretty fun to eat. 

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

This, was, amazingly, good. The skin or exterior layers literally melts the second you hold it. Not to mention the chewiness and ice cold feeling when its in your mouth, twirling sensationally. 

Green Tea Dorayaki

Famous in the popular Anime and Comic series Doraemon, now comes in a new flavour. 

Prawn Mayonnaise Doritos

Finally, besides the regular Doritos I get from Cold Storage or Jusco, I tried something new. My first Japanese Doritos, prawn mayonnaise flavoured. It was exactly as they say, you taste prawn, you taste mayonnaise and finally finish with a corn nacho, pretty direct.

Caramel Corn

Tasted really close to popcorn only slightly softer and fluffier. 

Green Tea Pocky (Large size)

Comes in 3 packet, 4 sticks each. Rich green tea flavour coated thickly on a stick. Some would say this was a premium Pocky product instead of the regular green tea ones.

Peach Flavoued Jelly

This was really fun to eat. Comes in 6 handy packets, easy to tear. Squeeze the jelly out and constantly suck on it. Do note that it was really flavourful. Even opening the main packet exposes the scent of peaches.

Black Sesame Marshmallow

This was really cute. It was really soft and fluffy with a hard core. I did hope that the black sesame fillings would somewhat flow out but it did not. Nevertheless, it was pretty fun to eat. The flavour was pretty noticeable as well.

I have yet to try all these as I brought them home. I will do so in a separate review along with some other given products! 

Wine & Spirits Section (The Wine Room)

The Premium Wine Room

Inside Urban Fresh Supermart, there is a wine and spirit section as do most of the major supermarkets like Cold Storage, Jusco or Aeon Big (previously known as Carrefour). This was slightly different in a few manner. First, it was pretty huge as compared to anywhere else. Secondly, they have an extensive selection and collection of fine wine, scotch, whisky, beers and various imported stuff. Not to mention, limited edition for collection purposes. 

For those who fancy a little more luxury, there is a premium room, usually locked to prevent thefts of expensive wine. As you can see above, a bottle can cost you a whooping RM1399.00. 

The single malt room. Consisting of scotch worth more than RM10,000 and only sold to selected buyers. Some weren't even for sale at the moment as it was for collection. The Macallan you see above is the first bottle made among 1824 that are currently in the market. Besides that, regular scotch whisky can be found here as well. 

Overall, I learned a lot regarding wine, whisky and some premium labels with the help of Terence, the wine & spirits department head. Last but not least, I would also like to thank Benny and June for inviting me to Urban Fresh to try their Japanese snacks and wine! 


Lot LG-SM, Setia City Mal,l
7 Persiaran Setia Dagang, 
Shah Alam, Selangor 40170.

Tel: 03-3345 6058
Fax: 03-3345 6059

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