Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly @ Millennium Square, PJ

8:00:00 AM

Its been awhile since I've last visited a cafe or had proper coffee in one. Fortunately, I was able to attend the opening of Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly at Millennium Square. Initially, I had troubles remembering the name of the place. Coffee Molly Golly Holly, Molly Coffee Miss Holly, Holly Molly Miss Golly etc etc. Even until now, I had to refer back the the folder in which my photos are kept to remember it. 

The entrance, from outside.

Entrance inside.

Its a pretty humble store with contemporary interior design; exposed bricks, unfinished concrete etc. But the smell of coffee was amazingly vibrant.

Red Velvet, Cheese Cake and Carrot Cake

In short, this was the red velvet that I like. I used to like Upstairs Cafe's red velvet cake for several reasons. But now, I found something better.

The cheese cake, was my personal favourite among the 3. The cheese wasn't creamy or sticky or even dusty. In fact, it was pudding-ish, ice cream-like texture with a rich, creamy taste. No where have I ever tasted something similar. I ended up buying back 2 servings.

I'm not a person who fancies carrot cake but I can tell you it was pretty moist. The cream cheese frosting used was similar to the red velvet. Sweet, rich and tangy. 


Espresso was really strong and bitter. It felt more like a double shot instead. Fragrant, strong and somewhat awakening.


Rich, creamy and smooth. Possibly one of the best Mochas I had in a while. Loved the strong chocolate after taste. 


Surprisingly enough, it was pretty sweet even without additional sugar. Perhaps the milk used was different. The taste of coffee wasn't as strong but I guess its fine. Its a latte after all. 

In conclusion, I believe I have found a new coffee place that surpasses in both coffee and cakes. This review was a little short because everything was pretty straight forward. 


Unit G 005, Ground Floor,
Jalan 14/1 Millennium Square,
46000 Petaling Jaya,

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