Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K

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For some time, I have been craving cakes and Japanese. After all the intense, spicy Thai food, the western grills and Chinese "Dai-chao", Japanese seems like the right thing to go for.

A lovely English-styled facade


Ice Blended Matcha - RM10

I love Macha, even more when its ice blended. However, this was a little diluted and lacking of 'macha-ee' flavour.

Ice Blended Oreo - RM10

A pretty decent glass of ice blended. Rich but watery. 

Cucumber Latte 

This was surprisingly good. Initially I was reluctant to try it but hey, whats the point of life anyway right? Anyhow, a soft bland of cucumber at the end of every sip was really interesting. 

Fragrant Rose with French Vanilla 

A very perfume-y scent tea. Somehow reminded me of a certain detergent (Ajax Fabuloso). Haha. 

Hearty Mushroom Soup - RM10

A classic serving of mushroom soup and garlic buttered baguette. The soup was rich, slightly-creamy and mushroomy. However, I wish it was a little thicker as it was a little diluted, personally. 

Salmon Chowder - RM10

The salmon chowder had great potential however, it was lacking in both flavour and texture. It wasn't creamy and there certainly was no chunks/cubes of salmon.

Salmon Salad - RM15

Mixed salad, including cuts of mango wrapped with smoked salmon. Loved the salad but I somehow wished that the salmon was a little fresher. 

Japanese Curry Chicken Burger - RM15

Grilled chicken in Japanese curry sauce on black charcoal bun served with fries and salad. I have to say, the chicken was amazingly tender and juicy. However, the sauce was lacking in curry taste. I could barely taste any curry, only a hint or two. Regardless, the burger overall was pretty decent.

Mushroom Garden Spaghetti - RM15

A combination of Japanese and Spaghetti which certainly did not turn out really well. I liked the texture and all but the flavour wasn't standing out in any way. It was bland and under-seasoned. 

Prawn and Baby Octopus Spaghetti - RM19

Rich, sweet and tangy spaghetti with succulent baby tako and prawns. Really enjoyed the tomato-based sauce.

Kikkoman Salmon - RM23

A chunk of juicy salmon served with Kikkoman soy sauce served with grilled vegetables and lotus root as a mark of independence.

Pan-seared Chicken - RM19

Surprising enough, this was one of my favourite dish. The chicken was incredibly moist and tender. The gravy compliments the chicken extremely well and it tasted really expensive. Not like what you'll find at a regular restaurant. I take this over Kenny Rogers anytime.

Yamaimo - RM8.50

Interesting looking, Monster Inc-liked cake which is made entirely from yam. Well, everything besides the cake base. Surprising enough, I did fancy it quite a bit. Great texture with really good flavour. Did not taste like cheap yam-extract. Each strand or hair was made with real yam.

Mini Macaroon Cake - RM10.90

Personally, I actually think that Giant macaroon sounds better than Mini Macaroon Cake. On a more relevant topic, this was really too sweet. Everything from top to bottom was a sugar heaven for sweet tooth. 

Oreo Mille Crepe - RM10.90

Similar to what you get from Nadeje. However, it was a little rich on the cream and lacking of crushed oreos. Its not entirely a bad thing but they could've put more oreos inside. Or why else would they call it an Oreo Mille Crepe?

The Choko Brownie - RM13

Rich, chocolatey indulgence! What could I say more? Brownie was moist and fluffy, ice cream was pretty good and the additional chocolate fudge gave it an extra kick. Excellento!

Matcha Redbean Crepe - RM13

Last but not least, some Japanese-like dessert. Green tea and red bean, how can you go any more Japanese than that? The mochi (geren, pink and white cubes) were pretty fun to chew along with the matcha ice cream and whipped cream. I do not enjoy red beans as much so I'll skip on commenting. 

However, I did wish the toppings were actually stuffed. It was pretty hard to cut the crepe as it is.

Overall, I find their desserts to be a little better than their main course. But thats a good thing, its called Tokyo PASTRY for a reason. However, lets not forget that the food was also pretty decent and the price was affordable. 


M-20 & SAC-M-1, Mezzanine Level,
Avenue K, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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