Papa Johns @ Kota Kemuning

8:00:00 AM

For some reason, I was craving pizza. Seeing as Papa Johns had recently open for business near my house, I've decided to head down to get some. I purchased 2 large pizza, Pepperoni and Spicy Italian, and cheese sticks. Also, maybe all this craving was from the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" since in the movie, he worked at Papa Johns when he was younger.

The box looks really fancy.

Pepperoni on the left, Cheese sticks in the middle and Spicy Italian on the right.

Pepperoni Pizza - Large 12' - RM32.80

As amazing as it may look, it was disappointing. Where do I begin.....? Hmm. Lets start with the tip of the pizza's edge. The first bite was dry and bland. I can't even find a drop of tomato sauce. As I progress further, the Pepperoni slices. It was crispy and almost burnt and still no sign of tomato sauce. I mean, there were SOME but barely coating the pizza slice. Lastly, the crust. Oh God how do I say this.... It was as if I was chewing a dog's toy from the Flintstone or Metapod from Pokemon. I chew and chew, and chew till my jaws felt numb. Oh what the hell.

Spicy Italian - Large 12' - RM32.80

Oh where do I begin. Similar to the Pepperoni. Dry, hard and awfully disgusting. I do not even know why are the clumps of black dog poop on my pizza. This is absurd.

Cheese Sticks - RM7.70

More like "Kill-me-now" sticks. The base "pastry" is harder than life. The cheese is colder than penguins on a sinking Titanic. How the hell am I even gonna eat this?  Papa Johns, what the hell are you thinking? Never again am I ordering Papa Johns in Kota Kemuning again.

I do not know whether is it the shop's problem or the franchise's problem. Previously, I had Papa Johns is Time Square, Sunway Pyramid and even IOI Mall. They were all pretty good. Better than Dominos Pizza. But this outlet clearly disappoints me. 

On the side note, I've found out that actually do deliver Papa Johns as well. Silly of me to drive there myself. Anyway, apparently Foodpanda also has plenty of other choices for lunch and dinner. Even Starbucks and Morganfields! I know where will I be ordering next time.

The best part about this is the fact that you could choose your type of Payment, either Cash on Delivery, Credit Card or Paypal. I personally prefer to use Paypal for all my online shopping. It is also linked to my BCARD for additional points and bonuses!

For a more convenient way of ordering food, Foodpanda also has a Mobile Application for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it with a QR reader below!

Anyway, I believe I've stated my point about Papa Johns now. I believe Foodpanda in the future, will have more choices for me to select from and also more discounts for frequent orders! 

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  1. somehow I prefer domino's than papa john and pizza hut. I tried once only the papa john @ jusco equine.

    1. I do too now. Before this I actually prefer Papa Johns. Now, only Dominos.

  2. does look dry and hard...