G-yi Tang Steamboat & Dim Sum Restaurant @ Subang USJ 10, Taipan (Non-Halal)

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After weeks of not updating anything, I've finally found some time to update a post which should have been done last week. Anyhow, I would like to thank Jackson from NomsterAds for inviting me and my girlfriend there to enjoy a hot-steamy pot of steamboat! These were what we had that night....

The entrance

This was the first serving of the night. It includes a Mixed set, bacon strips, home-made cuttlefish balls, dumplings, prawns, Enoki and Lingzhi mushrooms, friend beancurd, 3 Assorted Home-made Meat Balls and fresh scallop. (Clockwise)

Fresh Prawns (200gm) - RM16

Lingzhi Mushrooms - RM5.80

Bacon - RM7.80

Cuttlefish Ball - RM5.80

Shrimp Dumpling - RM8.80

Red Meat Scallop - RM11.80

Fried Beancurd - RM4.80

3 Assorted Home made Meat Balls - RM9.80

Mixed Set - RM15.80

Chicken, New Zealand Lamb, Pork, Bacon and Bacon-wrapped Enoki mushrooms.

New Zealand Lamb Slices - RM10.80

Chicken Slices - RM7.80

Pork Slices - RM8.80

Pork Rolled Enoki Mushrooms - RM8.80

Deep Fried Chicken Wing - RM2.80 each

Herbal Tea (Jug) - RM8.50

Curry & Pork-bone soup - RM7.50 & RM8 respectively (free flow)

Yes, here are the highlights of that night. The curry based steamboat soup. I'm not very sure if there are any other restaurant that serves curry as this was my first time trying it. Without say, the Pork-bone soup is a common broth served by countless restaurants in Malaysia but nevertheless, there are still things to compare about.

First and foremost, the curry. It had decent flavour and aroma and it goes amazingly well with some lamb. I really enjoyed this, initially. However, throughout the meal, the soup gets saltier and saltier with each refill. If they could cut down on the saltiness, it would be great, not just the beginning.

The Pork-bone soup however, was a little different. It started out rather bland. Don't get me wrong, its not tasteless but compared to the curry, there was a huge difference. Anyway, as I progressed through the night, the soup got sweeter and sweeter; which was pretty amazing. By the end of the night, I was only cooking from this side.

I guess you can say that this combination was pretty neat. You start with the curry but end with pork-bone instead.

Last but not least, the 4 types of chili sauces. I believe, our favourite was the dark red one with sesame seeds on the bottom left corner. That sweet, mildly spicy and crispiness it had was really addictive. Quite frankly, you could just eat it on its own.

In conclusion, I would say I quite enjoy the home-made selections although the Cuttlefish Ball was a little too rubbery. The meat slices were all really fresh and well cut. I also liked the Fried Chicken Wing as I thought it was really juicy and flavourful. However, I do find it a little pricey. But in the end, my personal highlight of the night were actually the Curry broth and the Bacon strips


No.48, Ground Floor, 
Jalan USJ 10/1B, UEP, 
47620, Subang Jaya,

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday - 7.30am to 11pm

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