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Thanks to OpenRice, I was able to join them for a Japanese feast at Bondori, Setiawalk. Bondori is a family operated Japanese restaurant and it is currently their one and only shop in Malaysia. The restaurant is located on the first floor and should be right above The Museum. However, I may be wrong as I do not remember the exact name of the bar. Regardless, here are the highlights of the night.

The entrance.

Fruit Punch

For starters, we were served with a tall glass of freshly made fruit punch. A mixture of apple, watermelon, honeydew and perhaps pineapple (I'm not exactly sure) did create a refreshing yet fun-biting drink. Nothing to complain about this.

Shirao Karaage 

A serving of fried ice fish. Why is it called ice fish? I do not know but, I do know that it goes really well with a glass of Asahi beer. Fried to an almost crispy perfection, this serving of salty and chewy goodness will sure to ignite your tastebuds.

Hanami Sashimi Moriawase 

A beautiful serving of various sashimi which includes salmon, butterfish, tuna, yellow tail, scallop, sweet shrimp, swordfish, octopus, surf clam, salmon roe and shrimp roe all on a traditional Japanese boat. First and foremost, which I find most important is the freshness of the fish, and they nailed it. Thick and acceptable slice of sashimi with freshness beyond any from Sushi Zanmai or Sushi Zen, it was simply amazing. In terms of varieties, I believe the description earlier has already mention the total amount served. In conclusion, it was an amazing serving of Sashimi Moriawase. Highly recommended.

Shake Atama Kimchi Soup

A Japanese styled Kimchi soup with salmon head and various ingredients served in a claypot. The taste was a little weird, it wasn't sour nor was it spicy but instead, it was salty-ish. It has great depth of flavour but somehow a little ruined by the saltiness. If only they were able to control the saltiness with some sour or spiciness, that would be great. However, I do wish to say that there were mountains of ingredients inside. I believe that was what helped built the layers of flavour if not for the salt.

Ebi Cheese

This was one of their new dishes, not yet placed in their menu. Egg rolled maki with salad and pulled-crabsticks topped with fresh ebi and served with cheese sauce. The combination of these few lovely ingredients was good beyond my expectation. The sauce compliments all three of the egg, salad and prawns. Furthermore, the play of different texture ranging from the soft and refreshing ebi, crispy and light salad and the egg-maki base were pretty good as well.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

This was part of their new menu as well, the soft shell crab maki. Similar concept to the Ebi Cheese but obviously with different ingredients. Lightly fried maki topped with some Ikura sauce, slices of leaves and finally the soft shell crab. Like the previous dish, this was pretty good as well. In fact, I actually prefer this more because of the soft shell crab and the Ikura sauce. It was both crispy, juicy and well seasoned. The sauce uplifted the palette's flavour and gave it an extra 'kick'. Last but not least, the serving size fits my mouth perfectly and I can feel the difference in texture in a mouth-full.


I believe this was skewer-type dished which resembles the Malaysian Satay. However, the ingredients used was obviously different and a little more premium. This plate of bacon wrapped asparagus served with different coloured capsicum and onions was pretty enjoyable. Each element on the stick helped built the complex multi-layered texture and taste. Furthermore, biting into the bacon wrapped asparagus was both juicy, tender and crunchy; something really hard to make nowadays. However, the only issue I had with this was the intensity of the flavour. It was alright but it could've been better.

Katsu Curry Udon

The all time basic, Katsu Curry with Udon noodles. Although usually served with rice, this bowl of Katsu Curry Udon wasn't bad either. Instead, the noodles were really acceptably chewy, soft and filled with absorbed curry flavour. The curry was dense and starchy which helps in the richness of the noodle. Having said that, I was unsatisfied with the fried chicken cutlets. It was a little on the dry side and the curry wasn't sufficient to help moisten it. If it wasn't for the chicken, I would have given it a pretty high rating.

Surume Ikashio (Grilled Squid)

Yes, my personal star of the day, grilled squid! Awesomely grilled and slices to individual perfection. Again, I would like to emphasize on the freshness of the ingredient. It wasn't overly chewy like most Japanese restaurant would serve. Furthermore, it had a light smokey taste and when topped with a some lemon, gives you that little extra. Beats Zanmai hands down.

Assorted Sushi

Finally, our closing dish, a plate of various assorted sushis. I can confidently say that these were the freshest hand-made sushis I've had in Malaysia. Since I only had one, I have to draw a variable conclusion from the others as an average answer. Everyone agreed that the freshness was not comparable and it tasted absolutely divine. 

However, on my side I would like to add that I really loved the rice. It was consistent and not mushy nor was it dry. If not handled properly, the sushi may fall apart but I believe that is a good thing. The texture, flavour and the additional wasabi mixed soy sauce were perfect. I would come here just to have the sushi again. Highly recommended. 

In conclusion, I believe that the meal served by Bondori was exceptional. It wasn't just the flavours that amazed me but the composition and texture of the dishes as well. Most of it were really good with some having minor setbacks here and there. However, we all know that not every dish can be perfected nor does it suit everyone's taste. I would just like to say that from me, this was a Japanese restaurant worth visiting. Some may say I might be exaggerating but I assure you, this is sincere. 


G-10-1, Block G, 
SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
Puchong Town Center, 
47160 Selangor.

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