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Just last night, I had the privilege of trying out Chicago Rib House's latest Christmas set menus. Organised and planned by FoodCult and Chicago Rib House, the dining experience I had was phenomenal. Apart from the amazing food, the people were really friendly as well. Located in the 1 Utama's new wing, just a few shops away from Starbucks, lies the humble entrance to the restaurant.

About FoodCult
FoodCult is a boutique integrated marketing & communications consultancy, focused purely on Food & Beverage. Our core strength lies in conceiving innovative and targetted marketing strategies for F&B companies to achieve their maximum brand reach. With a strong foothold in the F&B industry, FoodCult is also the appointed Asia office for the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), the first time in the history of the 80-year old non-profit organisation that represents 10 million chefs worldwide.

About Chicago Rib House
The Chicago Rib House brings to Malaysia the legendary tradition of good old Chicago ribs, which is steeped in 70 years of history. Pioneered in 2010, the hip and fun American diner styled restaurant is famous for the pork ribs and all time American BBQ favourites, smoldered in secret homemade sauces. With the tagline 'Built on Love, Peace and Bacon Grease", their signatures include the World Famous Pork Ribs. An extensive mojito selection completes the all-American experience.

Pardon the photo as I've forgotten to take a picture of its entrance. 

Peach Bellini (Alcoholic)

A serving of fresh peach blended with peach juice and sparkling wine. A combination so simple yet delicious. A great welcome drink indeed.

Christmas Berry Delight (Non-Alcoholic)

A cup of refreshing berry fizz. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite drink. Mainly due to the fact that it was a little diluted, I could barely taste anything. If only they'd add a little bit more 'berry-ness', it would have been great.

Mint Lemonade (Non-Alcoholic)

This was surprisingly, my favourite of all 3 drinks served. The drinks were served between intervals of meal as compared to everything immediately, which was something really thoughtful. The essence and scent of mint were really strong. Along with some lemonade, it was incredibly refreshing. 

Crab and Cod Crostini

Savoury sweet seafood with creamy avocado grilled with Parmesan cheese on top of crispy olive oil toasted baguette topped with what I assume was Paprika powder. I really like the idea of this starter as it plays with 3 different levels of texture. From the hard and crispy baguette at the bottom to the chewy and refreshing avocado and finally to soft seafood spread. Squeeze in some lime and it will uplift the flavour, aroma and lightens the dish as well. 

Pomegranate Salad

Fresh salad leaves and yellow zucchini toss with tangy sweet Pomegranate dressing; accompanied with feta cheese and honey roasted pecan nuts. An amazing combination of ingredients and flavour. The sweetness of the Pomegranate dressing and richness of the feta cheese compliments the salad leaves really well. Moreover, the additional honey roasted pecan nuts and pomegranate seeds enhanced the texture of the salad. A lovely salad that I will not hesitate to go back for.

Roasted Pork Belly Roulade

Note that this serving was meant for food tasting only. The original portion is 3 times larger. Wrapped and stuffed with sage infused apples, olives and chestnuts with a garden variety of roasted vegetables and potato tartan, accompanied with tangy sweet apple compote and red wine reduction. 

To begin, the Roulade was incredibly well seasoned, tender and moist. It was a little chewy but I prefer it that way. The selection of roasted vegetables, mushrooms and potato tartan was well grilled and served as a suitable companion for the roulade. Overall, I just wish I had more.

Roasted Whole Turkey Leg

Marinated turkey leg, slow cooked and roasted with Thyme. Served with garden variety roasted vegetables and creamy mash potato; accompanied with cranberry jelly and classic brown sauce. Overall, it looks really appetizing as the composition and placement of the elements were pretty good. 

Unfortunately, the turkey was a little too tough and dry compared to some I've tried in the past. I understand that turkeys are usually tougher and slightly dryer than chicken or beef, but this was a little too much. The creamy mash potatoes were well seasoned but lack in the overall consistency and smoothness. 

Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs (Pork)

Oven baked dry rub spiced baby back ribs with char-grilled glazed Coffee Sauce. Served with garden variety roasted vegetables and potato tartan. Interestingly, the ribs were first rubbed and marinated with spices before being placed on a grill. A Coffee Sauce glazing will then be added on to the ribs to enhance and uplift its flavours. 

In conclusion, I really liked the outcome of this dish. I could smell the strong aroma of Coffee but was not overwhelmed by the taste of it. The balance of smokey, sweet, salty, 'coffee' and a hint of spiciness was a great compliment to the succulent, tender and juicy ribs. Highly recommended!

Pumpkin Tart

Roasted sweet pumpkin filling in tart pastry served with strawberry coulis topped with whipped cream. I normally hate pumpkin. They have this nasty and disgusting smell and taste which I cannot bare. Having said that, I do enjoy a good bowl of pumpkin soup. Similar concept, I hate pumpkin but the Pumpkin Tart served was actually pretty decent. I will not say I like it, but I will say I can accept it. I personally find it a little too sweet but I believe majority of people will find it just right. 

In conclusion, I found that the Christmas menu prepared by the restaurant was pretty good, especially the Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs. As for now, the dishes are still in its tweaking process and will only be available on the 20th December 2013 onwards till the 1st of January 2014. Only the Roasted Whole Turkey Leg will be available starting today as an ala-carte, 6th December 2013. Furthermore, there are 20 whole turkeys available for reservation priced at only RM288 nett. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Joann and Jenny from FoodCult for the invitation, planning and execution of the food tasting session!

Pricing for Christmas Menu:

Welcome drink - choose from Peach Bellini / Mint Lemonade / Christmas Berry Delight

Appetizer - Crab and Cod Crostini

Salad - Pomegranate Salad

Main Course - choose from Roasted Whole Turkey Leg / Dry Rubbed Coffee Ribs / Roasted Pork Belly Roulade

Dessert - Pumpkin Tart


Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Persiaran Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
11am to 11pm daily.

Tel: 03-7727 3210 
Fax: 03-7722 5610

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