Bear Paw @ Kota Damansara

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After many months since the opening of Bear Paw, I finally had the chance to try several and review it. Although I had tried it during the opening of the Kota Kemuning branch, I had insufficient photos or sample to compare with. Now, with the help of NomsterAds, I was able to try variety of bear paws!

The entrance

Brown Sugar Bun + Spicy Chicken + Honey Mustard

Milk Bun + Chicken Ham + Thousand Island

Whole Wheat Bun + Chicken + Thai Chili Sauce

Pumpkin Bun + Fish + Tar Tar Sauce

Add on wedges - RM2

Various selection of drinks. 

Our final order of Bear Paw!

Mountain high of drinks!

I am just gonna sum it all up here as most of the ingredients taste similar as it was a mix and match kinda thing. 

The bun combinations were:
  • Milk
  • Whole Wheat
  • Brown Sugar
  • Pumpkin

Personally, I prefer the Brown sugar the most as it was the most aromatic and noticeable one. The milk wasn't that bad because it was really fluffy and soft. However, the milk has no distinguishable element and only resembles a regular Chinese Mantao. Wholewheat was alright but I actually prefer it if they could've created a different texture. As far as I know, whole wheat are slightly rougher and sandier. Doing that perhaps might elevate the texture of the overall bun. Last but not least, the pumpkin bun which I find disappointing. Lost of pumpkin flavour and as pointless as putting salt in a cup of ice lemon tea.

The patty combinations were:
  • Chicken (fried)
  • Spicy Chicken (fried)
  • Fish
  • Ham (Chicken)

First and foremost, the selection of patties were pretty limited. As one can see, there were only 4 options to choose from. Regardless, I would say I only love the spicy chicken. Although similar to the chicken(fried), the additional chili powder gave it some 'kick'. The fish tasted alright but it lacked in the "mouth-chewing" experience. The fish patty was a little too thin as I believe it would be better if they were to double the volume. Finally, the ham (chicken) which I find a little pointless. I just couldn't come to like it as it has no flavour nor texture. Furthermore, its the least filling one among the rest.

The sauces combination were:
  • Chili
  • Thousand Island
  • Thai
  • Honey Mustard
  • Tartar
  • Teriyaki

Since there were too many sauce, I'm just gonna point form it. 
  • Chili - Not what I would order
  • Thousand Island - Not what I would order, I can get this from the supermarket.
  • Thai - Similar to KFC's Thai Chili, pointless
  • Honey Mustard - My personal favourite. It incorporates both sourness and a little spiciness. The balance between both were pretty good as well.
  • Tartar - Not my best pick but I'm okay with it. Goes well with fish and that is all.
  • Teriyaki - Another sauce which I find pretty good. However, I believe it has the potential to improve. 
So there you have it. The drinks menu has over 15 different variety as I have not tried all of them. However, I would say my favourite drinks were Kiwi Fruit Yakult, Green Tea Yakult, Passion Fruit Yakult, Lemon Soda, Mint Soda and Grenadine Soda. 

Prices for bear paw ala carte : RM9.90 (just the bun without the drinks)
Prices for bear paw set : RM11.90 - RM14.90 (depending on the drinks)


No.25, Jln PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Selangor

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