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Once again, I was fortunate enough to join StarHero for another gathering. This time, its an Italian restaurant located at Bukit Damansara. With its isolated location, there were plenty of available parking spaces which makes it really convenient for us. Furthermore, the road there (Sprint highway) was smooth as butter during dinner time (7pm-ish). Last but not least, a very straight-forwarded signboard among the rest of the other shops. The second you turn in, its the first thing you'll see. Now, the food.

The entrance

The interior of the place. Simple, clean and has that very Christmas-y aura. I'm sure it is for the occasion but it was pretty nice and comfortable.

Cranberry Soda

I believe this was the cranberry soda served as the first drink of the night. There were wine, champagne and beer served later in the evening.

Focaccia (Soft Bread) & Grissini (Bread Sticks) Starter

A starter which includes Focaccia, a type of Italian soft bread, Grissini, bread sticks and some olive oil and vinegar. First and foremost, I really liked the Focaccia (soft bread). It was soft, warm and fluffy. Dipped in olive oil and vinegar, it adds that extra richness and sourness which elevates the flavour further. If they do sell that bread seperately, I would buy that for my breakfast everyday.

Tartufata (Truffle) Pizza

In the past, I've had truffle oil pasta but not in a pizza. Served with potatoes, mushrooms, cheese and truffle oil, this serving of pizza was really good. 

Caprese Pizza

Modern take on the traditional Margherita Pizza, instead of using tomato paste, fresh tomatoes were used instead. Besides that, everything else was pretty similar. Thin and consistent dough, lovely fresh tomatoes and creamy mozzarella cheese, it was pretty good indeed.

Prosciutto & Funghi Pizza

Prosciutto means treated ham that are usually served thinly sliced and uncooked. This combination of Prosciutto and Funghi (mushrooms) had a really nice, salty and fresh taste. Similar to the previous pizzas, the dough was consistent and thin. Furthermore, the additional cheese covering the pizza made it much richer and flavourful.

4 Cheese Pizza

I believe the reason why its called 4 Cheese is because there were 4 types of cheese used to make this pizza (duh). Personally, this was my least favourite among all 4 pizzas but for those who favor cheese, this was pretty damn good.

A compilation of all 4 pizzas. Their sizes were a little bigger than Domino's regular but smaller than the large. 

Mushroom Bruschetta

Saute mushrooms placed on top of sliced and toasted baguette seasoned with salt and pepper. A simple but delicious appetizers. Mushrooms were soft, juicy and well seasoned whilst the baguette was cut at a appropriate portion (personally) and it wasn't soggy.

Tomato Bruschetta

Chopped tomatoes sauteed with pepper on sliced baguette toast. Another simple appetizer made well.

Beef Tartare Bruschetta

This wasn't the first time I had raw beef  but perhaps it was only my second time. However, I've decided to try it anyway and to my surprise, it was acceptable. In fact, I actually quite like it. I wonder how can raw beef be brown in colour, like when its cooked. The answer was pretty shocking, its cooked by squeezing lemons onto the beef. I do not know exactly how it works but yeah, it was interesting.

Eggplant Parmigiana

Thinly sliced eggplants stuffed with parmesan cheese topped with tomato bolognese sauce. One of my favourites of the night. The eggplants were really soft, moist and well seasoned. The additional cheese helped built some body while the tomato bolognese sauce lightens the dish. In conclusion, even though it was pretty heavy with all the cheese, I could eat quite a lot of it.

Lamb Meatballs in Sugo al Pomodoro

Lamb meatballs flooded with Sugo al Pomodoro (Italian Basic Tomato Sauce). The lamb was pretty pungent but I like it that way. Some people may not accept the strong scent of lamb as they say its similar to the fishiness of the fish. The tomato sauce that coats the meatballs not only lightens the lamb but infuses its sweetness as well. This gave a really nice, mouthwatering and fulfilling experience.

Linguine al Pesto

Linguine in pesto sauce topped with potatoes. This dish was simple, well seasoned and flavourful. The spaghetti was cooked consistently throughout each strand. Furthermore the potatoes was soft and fun to bite. 

Fettuccine Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

A simple Aglio Olio styled spaghetti. Personally, I do not fancy aglio olio as it is too dry for me. Even though this was a little wet and moist, I was still having a hard time trying to swallow it. Regardless, the taste was decent as it was well seasoned with chili, garlic and some salt and pepper.

Spgahetti allo Scoglio

I believe this was similar to what people would normally call it, seafood marinara. Fresh muscles, prawns and fish served with tomato sauce on spaghetti. This was my favourite among the 3 pastas served. Fresh ingredients, well seasoned and consistent cooking. 

Braised Beef Cheek

This was the absolute star of the night. Extremely tender braised beef cheeks drenched in flavourful gravy served on top of smooth, rich and creamy potato mash. The beef cheeks were so tender that literally melts in your mouth. Furthermore, the gravy was thick and coated each and every part of the beef cheeks perfectly. Not to mention they've provided plenty of gravy for that extra dip!

Peppercorn crusted Fillet of Tuna

Beautifully seared tuna covered with peppercorns cooked to medium-perfection. The slices of tuna wasn't too thin nor too thick and it gives an amazing bite. However, I personally find the peppercorn crust a little too over salty. I couldn't taste much of the tuna as the peppercorn had masked it. Furthermore, the fillet of tuna was a little dry, wasn't that much but it was a little. I've had tuna with better moisture and juices. Besides all that, it was a good serving of tuna. 

Chicken Scaloppine with Porcini Mushrooms

Now, the amazing thing with this was the chicken itself. It was amazingly tender and moist. Furthermore, the fact that the chicken breast was used in the preparation of this dish surprised me. It was phenomenal. Gravy or sauce was pretty good as well. It coats the chicken perfectly and even had extra on the plate. Last but not least, small potatoes. As one can see in the middle of the photo, there is a brown ball like thing, that is the potato and it was awesome. The skin was crispy and lightly seasoned with its insides being soft and perfectly cooked. The additional gravy helps give it flavour as well. Overall, if it wasn't for so many dishes that night, I would have had more of this.

Tiramisu Affogato

For dessert, each of us had a serving of Tiramisu Affogato, which is a serving of tiramisu cake and vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. Firstly, the tiramisu cake. It was divine. Not only was it rich, it was extremely soft and fluffy as well. Furthermore, the portion size may look a little small but, it felt just right as it was really rich. The vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso was something new to me as well. The sweetness of the vanilla ice cream was balanced with the strong, bitter taste of the espresso resulted in a really unique aftertaste. A great way to end a Italian meal besides having a shot of espresso.

In conclusion, I would say I was really stuffed on the night and I'm sure everyone else was. We were all walking extremely slowly when we had to take a group photo and it was pretty hilarious. I would like to thank the team of VibeHero and D.V Ristorante Pizzera for the amazing meal and hospitality. You could visit them at


No. 65-77, Jln Setia Bakti,
Bukit Damansara, 
Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
12pm - 12am daily

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