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Another lunch hangout event coordinated by NomsterAds in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. This time, it was SAVARO (Savour + Aroma), a FELDA owned restaurant that aims to promote and push Malaysian delicacies everywhere. They have an aim, by the year 2020, they would want to have 200 SAVARO restaurants all over Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Display dishes at the menu.

The entrance.  I couldn't tell it was SAVARO because the signboard was hidden and ridiculously small. But they are planning on putting a bigger signboard there.

A really nice garden-like design. Clean, white and simple.

This was our private room. Anyone could book the room as long as you have more than 7-8 people attending. They allow functions, party or even business meetings. However, do call them in advance, around 1 day, to book it.

SS Lime (SAVARO Soda & Lime) - RM9.80

SAVARO's very own fruit punch creation of strawberry extract and lime juice combined and topped with soda water, kaffir lime and mint leaves. To perfect this concoction, you will need to crush the mint leaves immediately before consuming.

This was the first drink that was served to us. It is called the SS Lime, however, I prefer to call it "Bloody Mary" because of the flowing strawberry extract. It looks visually stunning as I was awed by its floating 'blood'. Taste wise, it has just the right amount of strawberry sweetness along with a little sourness and fizziness. Absolutely loved it.

Pina-C - RM9.80

Delicious vitamic-C loaded combination of pineapple and orange, topped with zesty lemon juice. I did not have a taste on this one but the other bloggers said it was pretty good.

Tropical Twist - RM9.80

A sultry blend of pineapple, orange and strawberry extracts, shaken to heavenly perfection. Did not get to try this either.

Sky Green - RM9.80

Go green with this concoction of apple, guava and lime juice with a side garnish of salty guava, which you must eat before you sip the drink. Looks awesome but did not get to try this either.

Espresso Double Shot

Really rich, aromatic and a strong cup of double shot espresso. Loved the flavour and aftertaste. 

Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate took me by surprise. I've never tasted anything like it. The first few sips tasted like regular hot chocolate but after awhile, the after taste starts kicking in. It was something different, I could not guess what was mixed together with this hot chocolate and the owner/manager will not tell as well. But anyhow, it was a really delicious cup of hot chocolate. One of the few best I've tried.

Complimentary Kuih Bangkit!

Oxtail Soup - RM13.80

Warm, hearty and rich. SAVARO's version of traditional English Soup has an added zing of hints of curry, with a distinctive beefy goodness of soft chunks Australian beef tail, slow-cooked in a special broth. Each sip is guaranteed to make you longing for more. 

I have to agree with the description above (gotten from the menu). The soup was really rich and full of flavour. Dipping the artisan's toast into the soup and consuming it was just heavenly. I have no complains whatsoever about the soup. Excellent. 

However, having said that, I did have a second bowl, only to discover that the second bowl wasn't as great. I've then made a conclusion that the soup was only good as a starter, even if you wish for more, don't. Also, the price is a little too pricey for me. If only they tone it down.

Bambu Dagang Rice - RM19.80 (2 variants)

A traditional east Malaysian rice dish of the aromatic "dagang" rice, steamed with coconut cream, shallots and herbs, served with delicious Tenggiri fish curry. 

I have to say, the presentation was really appealing. However, the rice itself was quite disappointing. It was musky, sandy and wasn't really to my liking. The curry on the other hand was pretty good. It was rich, flavourful and spicy. The only issue was the fish. It was hard and dry. The salad given was pretty sour, but it was alright.

Bambu Lamb Briyani - RM20.80

Middle East inspired meal of fragrant basmathi rice cooked with briyani-spiced lamb and served with savoury papadom crackers.

I personally find this set of Bambu-Rice the best. Simply because the lamb was cooked perfectly and the curry was really delicious. The lamb was soft, tender and full of flavour while the curry was smooth, rich and subtle. However, similar issues, the rice was musky and sandy. If they were to improve the rice, it would be really good. The mixed vegetables otherwise known as "Acha" if I'm not mistaken, was really good.

Bambu Kerabu Rice - RM18.80

Rice steamed with coconut cream, tinted blue naturally with the Telang flower, served with fried Tenggiri fish, salted egg, slices of smoked beef and a generous sprinkle of local fresh herbs, toasted coconut shavings, fish sauce and fish crackers.

On first sight, I found this dish to be visually appealing. The rice was blue and it reminded me of Smurfs. Anyway, apart from its side servings which has no problem at all, the rice remains similarly bad to the previous 3 Bambu rice. The fish however was also a little too dry for me. But overall, I loved the side dishes. 

Bambu Savaro Rice - RM15.80

Our modern twist to an old-fashioned oriental meal. White rice steamed with a savoury mix of ginger, mushroom and minced chicken. Served with salted egg, pickled fruit chutney, sambal belacan, Pelembang crackers and clear soup.

I was the last to try this dish and what was left was the essence of chicken. Basically the oil and like 2 pieces of chicken. I quite like the flavours although I'd expected it to be slight more empowering. The rice was an issue, similar to the 3 dishes above. It was an okay dish for me. 

Savaro Noodles - RM13.80

Egg noodles served in Savaro's special gravy with a distinctive prawn taste, topped with boiled prawns, slices of roast beef, shredded roast chicken, vegetables and half boiled egg.

To be honest, it looked and smelled like Prawns Noodles when it first arrive. However, it was much better in terms of taste and presentation. To consume, the half boiled egg on top was first poked and the yolk was left flowing out. We then stirred and mixed the noodles along with everything inside like someone frying Kuey Teow.

In conclusion, the flavours were really strong. I really liked it since it wasn't diluted. Everything was cooked perfectly. 

Chicken and Lamb Satay with Peanut Sauce

Simple serving of satay consisting of chicken and lamb, 4 sticks each. The chicken and lamb were all marinated before being stuck on a skewer and grilled. Both the chicken and the lamb were flavourful and tender. Furthermore, the peanut sauce was really consistent and savoury.

Green Bean Soup

A modern version of the traditional green bean soup. Looks and smells amazing. The beans were cooked perfectly. It was soft but not overcooked or mushed. The soup had just the right amount of sweetness with a hinge of coconut milk. Overall, I really do like it.

Mango Pulut

Another interpretation of the Mango Pulut, this time in red coloured rice. I was not able to try the mango because I was the last, again. However, the rice's colour was really vibrant and it gave the entire dish a whole new level of visual appeal. Furthermore, the rice did not taste bad here and in fact, it was good. Liked it.

A3-G2-09, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

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