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Thanks to OpenRice, we got invited to one of the best Chinese restaurants available near my house, Kota Kemuning. I stay not more than 5 minutes drive away. So coming here is really convenient.

I've forgotten to take a photo of the entrance that night so yeah, Google is my best friend.

Interesting looking chandelier.

Zhejiang's Three Treasure - RM68

For appetizer, Mayflower restaurant has served us a very unique dish. It composes of 3 different vegetables, divided by a line of harden flour, cooked in 3 different styles. Firstly, we have the spicy stir-fried asparagus. Not exactly very spicy, but it does have that really smooth chili flavour. Furthermore, the asparagus was also pretty crunchy and fresh. The other 2 vegetables were pretty normal, the gravy used can be found in plenty of other Chinese restaurants as well. Overall, a really light appetizer.

Shanghainese Poached Chicken (Crystal Chicken) - RM70

The Shanghainese Poached Chicken, otherwise known as Crystal Chicken is one of the dish that was meant to serve cold. However, due to the weather and environmental differences in our country, they had to serve it warm/hot. The chicken had a thin layer of 'jelly' like texture on the top which makes it really smooth and moist. Beneath that layer was Chinese herbs and finally, the tender and juicy chicken. On top of all that, its boneless. 

I really liked the dish a lot. Not just because it was easy to eat but it was really flavourful and tender as well. Highly recommended!

Chinese Pork Knuckle - RM70

One of the dishes that I could smell even before it entered the room. The aroma was really strong, it kinda filled the whole room with its scent. When it was being cut, the sound of the crispy skin was simply amazing. The skin was flavourful and crisp, the meat however wasn't really as tender as I'd expected. But nevertheless, it has a pretty amazing flavour and I really liked the sauce the came with it. It was some kind of Peanut-Gravy-Chili sauce thing. Taste simply amazing.

Steamed Fish of the day with Preserved Daikon and Ginger - Follow Market Price of Fish

Smells amazing when it entered the room. I could smell the intense soy sauce and ginger. Upon taking photo, it looks very appetizing as well. However, my expectation died when I tried the fish. The meat was pretty mediocre but the thing that I hated most was the fishiness it still had in it. I would prefer if that fishiness were to totally disappear. Having said that, the sauce was really good on its own. Sadly it wasn't enough to cover the fishiness.

Buttery Shrimp with Corn Kernals - RM80

Didn't realize that the plate was actually decorated with different elements in the shape of a basket. Thee head-chef put plenty of effort in designing this plate. Above the prawns, one can see there were a few paintings. They were made from jelly but it dosen't have any taste.

The butter sauce was made with cheese and evaporated milk. That gave the sauce the richness and smoothness it needs. Prawns were also cooked real nicely, not to mention fresh. Overall, loved the flavour, presentation and event the corn!

Hakka Braised Pork Belly - RM80

The Hakka Braised Pork belly was just simply amazing. It was soft, tender and flavourful. The pork also has a certain percentage of fatty layer which was good. Adding on to their home-made "mantao" along with some lettuce, gravy and crushed peanuts (If I'm not mistaken), it was delightful. You could say that one was simply not enough. 

Hong Kong-Style Savory Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausages, Mushrooms and Chestnuts - RM60

Looks amazing, smells pretty amazing too. This rice was pack full of flavour and great texture. The Chinese sausages, mushrooms and chestnuts placed above the rice gave it saltiness and texture. The rice was fried with some eggs and I really do like that. The sprinkled spring onions was an added bonus to the whole dish. It was pretty good.

Royal Jellies & Flaky Shanghainese Pastries - RM60

I think I was pretty confused as the dish was served. I could not grasp what on earth was that. The jelly-like circular thing looked like Chinese Chrysanthemum with Keichi froze together. The pastries was in a shape of a moth or butterfly. It was really weird yet intriguing.

The flavour of the jellies were pretty unusual. It tasted herbalish yet sweet. The moth-like pastries were pretty good though. It was light and the fillings were mild-sweet. The green plant-like jelly on the plate was edible, but it has no taste.

Snow Skin Mooncake 

I really do hate mooncakes. I somehow do not fancy them even though they are tradition. I find them really hard to eat with very predictable flavours. Its the same thing every year. Having said that, the mooncakes here were simply delicious. It was light and has that melt-in-your-mouth skin with very little egg yolk. The paste wasn't as sticky nor dense like most of the mooncake I've tried. Personally, I do not love it, but I dont hate it. So I believe that is pretty good.


The traditional type mooncake which I really dislike. I can't take the texture nor the flavour. Everything was too dense with a very starchy texture. Leftovers get stuck in my tooth way too often. But then again, these are all my personal thoughts on mooncake. I would say this though, the flavours of this mooncake wasn't as bad as others. I just didn't really like mooncakes.

The owner, his wife and OpenRice's Coordinator


No. 2G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla S,
31/S, Kota Kemuning,
Seksyen 31, 40460, 
Shah Alam.

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